My Story—Alyssa Cowin

I learned through Project SEARCH to meet new people. I learned how to put doctors and nurses in the system on the computer, housekeeping, stocking.

Goodwill® had a job coach help me to get a job. They check on me and how things are going.

I work with the Office of the Secretary. I’m starting a new project called Disability Mentoring Day where we have meetings every month. The students who don’t have a job follow me or someone else around in a job.

prom dressMy favorite part of the job is seeing the governor and his wife, the First Lady. I spoke two months ago about my journey to appointment—what does it take. They have a transitioning conference, and other people were like, “I would like to learn more information about Alyssa.” I had a PowerPoint.

My disability is a cognitive disability and Type 1 diabetes. I like to do sewing, make dog toys and cat toys. When I was in high school, I made my prom dress. It’s two pieces—a long skirt, and the top, you can see through, and then it’s lavender and purple. The skirt has flowers.

I like to learn new things and keep learning through my job.

Thank you, Goodwill, for supporting me.