My Story: Christcell Grant

Coming into Goodwill, my life was kind of miserable. I was overcoming a lot of distractions as far as getting to work and staying on the job. I needed a whole lot of things done with my health. Those were the challenges I faced, a lot of addiction with alcohol and drugs. I was getting a lot of help with Alcoholics Anonymous and counseling from Veterans Affairs (VA) mental health services.

At the time I felt pretty unstable and felt like I failed a whole lot of time that I didn’t take advantage of before I came to Goodwill of the Coastal Empire (Savannah).

Now, I feel like there’s a door that’s opening since I’ve come into contact with a variety of people who are really in my corner. I have been getting help with work adjustment training. Goodwill’s mission services and the VA had a good process with me for three months and I was able to get a lot of support. I was able to check in and fill the voids of my personal life, my family and damages to my finances.

Goodwill was an opportunity not just to look at making money, but also to look at being able to start another life without dealing with all of the anxieties and things that I took advantage of. I feel like it’s a responsibility that I have to come in everyday and put my 100 percent in, knowing that I do have counseling.

Dealing with former veterans has really been a life changer as far as having my mind and heart open toward being a part of Goodwill. I’m using a lot of skills that I had before I even went into the military. Coming from Desert Storm and dealing with PTSD, I think this is real progress instead of perfection.