My Story: Gina Moore

gina_moore_200I relocated to Clarksville, TN a little over a year ago and needed to find work immediately. I had no resume, no high school diploma or GED, no transportation, needed updated computer skills and was unsure what to do or where to turn.
Someone suggested Career Solutions to me. I enrolled at the Fort Campbell location and was amazed by what the program offered. Once I completed all the enrollment requirements, I completed the Microsoft Office Specialist class with Ms. Jamie Dowling, who is an excellent trainer.
A week later I received a call from a counselor, stating that she wanted to meet to discuss a temporary job opening. This was the beginning of a great journey throughout Career
Solutions. I would be working with Senior Director of Career Solutions, Matthew Gloster. It was a privilege working with Mr. Gloster, a man with meticulous ethics! What an experience. Great employers have made me a better employee.
We worked under the VITA program, a free Income tax preparation service open to the community. My title was program coordinator. Several weeks prior to the job ending I was asked to meet with the counselor because another job was available, a temporary administrative assistant position working for Career Solutions. I was even more appreciative of the program. I had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people that walked through the door, just as I did, looking for work.
I often tell clients about experience with Career Solutions and what the program has done for me. It is so worth giving it a try.
I would like to thank Lisa Baggett, my district manager, for being the best mentor any employee could ask for. Mrs. Baggett came to me stating that she had an open permanent position for administrative assistant. I accepted with no hesitation.
All I can say is look at me now; look at what Career Solutions has done for me. I can’t tell people enough about the program. It has become a big part of my life. I love my job, and I am in it for the long haul!