My Story: Liera Williams

Before I came to Seattle Goodwill Industries, I was going to Seattle Central Community College studying social and human services. When things went rocky with that, I stopped going and was just kind of like a stay-at-home mom. I am a single mother raising three kids.

It was really difficult because I had to lean on other people to help me buy diapers for my daughter or try to get all the other monthly items that me and my kids needed. I was basically couch-hopping with my kids at the homes of friends and family members, or at hotels. It was really difficult.

I had to keep some strength in me somewhere, because if my kids saw the weakness in me, then they wouldn’t act as strong as they did about the situation. I was taking my kids to daycare and trying to find jobs, but nothing was coming around and it seemed hopeless.

I found out about Goodwill through a previous case worker sending an email about the Green Corps Program.  I looked it up on the Internet and found out the criteria you had to meet to be a part of the program. I contacted Robert Jones, the coordinator, attended orientations and interviews, and got into the program.

I feel a lot better than I than I felt before I came to the program because I have support behind me.  Goodwill really made me realize I can take on a whole lot of responsibility outside of work and still take on my responsibility well inside of work.

I think it’s important for my kids to have a parent that works because it shows them responsibility at a young age. If they can see a mom or a dad getting up every morning, getting them dressed, sending them off to school, and then see the parents get up and go to work too, I think it shows them how to hold responsibility at a young age.

If you’re a single mom that’s looking for work, don’t listen to people that tell you can’t do it. I can be your motivation because I have three kids on my own.  I’m not completely stable in my housing, but I’m still doing it. I’m still out working, and I feel accomplished.

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