My Goodwill Story: Desteny Malone

Resilience, determination and the unwavering pursuit of dreams. Those values are core to how Desteny lives her life today. As a young single mother who didn’t finish high school, she faced numerous challenges, but she refused to let adversity define her path. Instead, she found the Young Adult Opportunity Center (YAOC) at Goodwill Kentucky (Louisville) and began her journey toward success.

Thriving at Work

Like many mothers, Desteny wanted the best for her daughters but was uncertain about the steps to take. At Goodwill, she discovered the Thrive program, where she acquired crucial life skills such as time management, communication and decision-making. This experience not only boosted her confidence but also empowered her to set clear goals.

Armed with basic job-readiness skills, Desteny was determined to broaden her horizons further. Enrolling in the Customer Service cohort at YAOC, she refined her customer service and communication skills, earning a human service certification. This training opened doors, leading her to a role as a patient coordinator, where she continued the cycle of extending help to others, much like Goodwill had done for her.

Recognizing the significance of education, Desteny also pursued her GED and boldly enrolled in college to study child psychology. She is actively working towards a degree fueled by her passion to use her knowledge for the betterment of children and families.

Thriving at Life

Desteny is thriving in her personal life as well. She now proudly has her own apartment and has created a safe and stable environment for her daughters.

Her success not only serves as a source of inspiration for her children but also resonates within her community, offering hope to others facing similar challenges.

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