My Goodwill Story: Tyler

Tyler was looking for a new job. He didn’t just want any job. He wanted what many of us search for: a job with good pay and healthcare benefits. 

For Tyler, that search had an extra requirement. He needed a job that could accommodate his hearing impairment. He wasn’t quite sure where to start, but then his mom recommended he check out Goodwill. 

Goodwill Career Center

He came to Goodwill of North Georgia to support his new career journey. First, he met with one of the instructors. Together, they created a career plan and career interest guide personalized to Tyler’s interests. 

Once the goal was in sight, they worked together on the pieces to help Tyler get there. That included creating a resume and connecting with local employers who can match what Tyler needs. 

Tyler’s Career Success

The good news? Thanks to Tyler’s hard work, he was able to start a new job! 

He was very appreciative of the support Goodwill provided along the way. “I’m so thankful for Ms. Beatriz for going the extra mile and being willing to help me find work,” Tyler said. “She did everything with a smile and was so helpful.”

We hope this story brings a smile to your face. If you or someone you know are in a similar situation to Tyler, connect with your local Goodwill career center