My Story: Daniel Bailey

A Navy veteran, Daniel Bailey walked through the doors of Palmetto Goodwill looking for assistance in getting his life back on track. Mr. Bailey, recently released from prison, just wanted to work and find somewhere to live so he could rebuild his life. Bailey enrolled into the Operation: GoodJobs program where he was provided wrap around supports, resources and tools to overcome his barriers to employment.

Determined to correct his path, Bailey used all job training resources available to him and worked to receive a Gold National Career Readiness Certificate, complete a Work Keys assessment, and complete an A+ Skills certification. In addition to these accomplishments, he received a federal bond to assist in acquiring gainful employment. The first obstacle that Bailey overcame was transportation; funds from USAA helped him with public transportation until he was able to purchase a vehicle. The second obstacle Mr. Bailey overcame was securing employment. On July 30, Mr. Bailey obtained a job at Waffle House, and within two weeks his manager suggested that he complete a culinary program to receive a promotion. Mr. Bailey applied and was accepted for Palmetto Goodwill’s two-week Culinary Kickstart Program. He completed the training while working the night shift at Waffle House. Bailey graduated from the Culinary Kickstart program and reported to his manager with the certificate of completion along with a ServeSafe certificate.

Bailey has earned enough money to purchase a motorcycle and make a substantial down payment on a house or rent a nicer apartment in a safer neighborhood; his next goal is finding a home that is right for him. Instead of feeling defeated by difficult circumstances, Bailey became empowered to be do more and be better.

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