My Story: Steve Hennessey

My job at Goodwill Omaha (NE) keeps me out of trouble and busy. I get bored if I’m not working. The nice people I clean for are kind of like family. We’re a team and I have to get my job done. We help each other out when one of us is gone for the day. When I had my surgery they did a good job in my area.

I used to be in a group home when I was younger. They have lots of rules. They tell you what to do all the time. Now, I get to make my own rules. I get to have my own stuff, sleep when I want, eat what I want and watch TV and movies that I like. I like to have my own place, so I get to do the stuff I want.

I buy groceries, get to pay my bills and buy movies and tapes. I have lots of movies, but I don’t go crazy. I get them used and cheap so they don’t cost a lot. I can trade some in too. I get coffee every morning on my way to work. They would miss me if I did not stop there. I need money for that too.

My paycheck is important to me because I can pay rent and not live on the street or at the Mission. I get to make choices, but I have to be smart and not spend too much. Bills come first; they always come first. I don’t have to be on welfare. I would not like that. I want to work for a long time.