My Story – Tabitha Nobles

Before Goodwill®, me and my husband had split up. He had actually kicked me out, and I went to a friend’s house to stay. I stayed there about a month, and I ended up getting kicked out of there, so I went to stay at the homeless shelter in Lexington, NC. 

A coordinator at the homeless shelter told me about Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina’s Career Connections. When I came to Goodwill, I met Miss Rhonda, Sheila and Susan, and they all gave me advice on how to get a job, gave me interview tips and how to create a résumé and how to be at a certain job.

I was able to get my job at Lexington Medical Center through Goodwill Career Connections. I have always wanted to work health care my whole life, and I’m working in dietary at Lexington Medical Center, and I really love what I’m doing.

Goodwill Career Connections has changed my life. They have taught me to keep going on – I mean, it’s a hard fight—but you gotta keep fighting towards it. Me and my husband have currently got back together. We are doing great. If I had not found Career Connections, I’d probably still be at the homeless shelter. I mean, finding a job was hard, so I’d probably still be stuck in the homeless shelter with my two boys.