My Story: Shana Gutierrez

I first came to Rappahannock Goodwill Industries because it was suggested to me by the manager of the homeless shelter where I was staying. I was a little skeptical at first, but I quickly learned that this was just the thing I needed to help me get ahead.

I worked with the staff there to create a résumé that made me feel confident and proud of my accomplishments. The employment specialist guided me through the application writing process and helped me to write cover letters for positions I applied for. We practiced interviewing skills and reviewed typical interview questions. The employment specialist also conducted mock interviews with me.

When the time came to perform in a job interview, I was confident and well prepared. Using the skills I learned in the Job Help Center, I searched for a job most suitable to my personality and experience. My new résumé and interviewing skills helped to get hired at a prestigious beauty supply store. I love helping people to feel good, and the job allows me to do this. I have saved enough money to move from the shelter into my own apartment.

At work and in life, I am hardworking, caring and personable. I have sense of pride in everything I do for the store and present a good work ethic. My job responsibilities include ringing up customers, assisting them with store navigation and product location, stocking, and cleaning the store. I try to serve every customer with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

For people in a similar predicament, I want to say that even though you are in a bad situation, you can accomplish anything if you have faith and follow your dreams. But you must put the work in.

The job center helped me to remember and recognize the good qualities I possess that make me valuable to employers. Thank you, Goodwill, for helping me to regain my self-confidence and independence.