Goodwill®: One Stop Shopping

Do you know what my favorite thing about Goodwill is? Well, other than their mission, of course. My favorite thing, after their dedication to providing services that enable people from all backgrounds to obtain and maintain economic independence and an increased quality of life, is the fact that I can find pretty much anything I’m looking for in their stores. Goodwill is the ultimate one stop shopping experience. They have everything!

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Let’s take, for example, this shopping adventure from Sharon, an employee of Goodwill Industries of Central Florida (Orlando). When she waltzed through those doors, she had only an open mind with her, but upon her exit, she had an entire new-to-her outfit. From shoes, to dress, to handbag, Sharon got everything she needed to complete a look and only spent $22. Perfect!

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It’s not just attire that Goodwill offers, as I’m sure you know. But an entire DIY home décor project could be born from just one shopping trip, too! I’m a firm believer that furniture should be functional and fashionable and this beautiful chair is no exception to that rule. The one-of-a-kind seat was redone by Dory of WorthyGoods Textile with belts thrifted from her local Goodwill! While thrifting, I am constantly spotting furniture that has great bones, but needs a bit of a facelift. Since all of the materials she needed could be found right there in Goodwill, I might be in danger the next time I enter a store. Weekend project, anyone?

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Don’t believe me that Goodwill really is one stop shopping? Maybe you’re not looking hard enough! As Goodwill Industries of Mississippi (Ridgeland) points out in their Tips & Words of Wisdom album, you should always check every section of the store before heading back out to the parking lot. You never know what pieces have migrated from one section to the next. Whether you’re looking for something specific or you’re just waiting for the right find to jump out at you, limiting yourself to certain sections will only hurt your chances of scoring big time in a thrift store.

I hope your weekend is filled with inspiration and imagination and that the thrift gods smile down upon you. There are so many hidden treasures waiting to be discovered in the aisles of Goodwill. I challenge you to see which ones you can pull together to create a look (whether for you or your home) that you love.