My Story: Wayne Quamina

I am from the island of Trinidad. I began work at the age of 17. I was employed at the Port of Trinidad as an entry-level laborer. I improved and excelled with my ability to learn and strong work ethics, and became a glorified laborer. I was transferred to the construction department where I learned many skills, such as carpentry, painting, jackhammer operation, masonry, and driving loaders and haulers. I worked on the port for eighteen and a half years.

I migrated to the U.S. to be with my newborn son. I relocated to Savannah, GA, after living in New York for a short while. My first job in Savannah was self-employed as a wallpaper hanger. I was later offered a maintenance technician’s position, where I performed a variety of different jobs like easy repairs, appliance repairs, painting, various carpentry tasks and pool maintenance. I was promoted to supervisor and received the maintenance personnel of the year award. I was rewarded with $500 and $800 in tools. I was doing great, and I was definitely on the right road.

Then life took a turn on me. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I had no choice but to stop work, doctor’s orders. I was unable to work and hung around the house for six years. Not being able to work began taking a toll on me mentally.

I got a Ticket to Work from Social Security and called the administration of vocational rehab. Miss Harvey and Miss Holly took me to Goodwill Industries of the Coastal Empire where I went thru a rehabilitation program. I learned new jobs that I was able to do, like sorting clothes, cutting rags and making boxes at a sugar factory.

I was transferred to G-Force Technologies to be a fabricator where I build installation parts for Gulfstream airplanes. I have learned well, excelled and proved to be an asset to G-Force. I was recognized as trainer in excellence and twice as employee of the quarter. I enjoy training new employees and I try to be as productive as I can.

I am happy working for Goodwill Industries of the Coastal Empire. I am very satisfied and must say thanks to God for giving me a second chance and to Goodwill for helping me on this track.