Goodwill® Game Teaches Kids about Donating and Recycling

Donation Match Game screenshotAttention parents and kids at heart! If you’re looking for a fun and educational activity, be sure to check out Goodwill’s free Donation Match Game (online and for the iPad). The interactive game, powered by Goodwill’s Donate Movement, teaches kids about many of the different items you have in your home that can be donated or recycled.

As matches are made in the game, they get sorted into a donate bin or recycling bin. The game features two levels of difficulty to challenge kids of all ages and allows them to pick a style of music to play along with. After completing the game, kids can add their name to the leader board and download a certificate containing a checklist of items in their home that they can ask their parents to donate and recycle.

Match games are great for learning concentration, memory and cognitive skills, and the Donation Match Game helps kids gain an understanding of how recycling and donating is good for their community and for the planet.

In addition to playing the Donation Match game, youth can check out Goodwill’s kid-friendly web page to find step-by-step guidelines for planning a donation drive at their school. The page has useful tips for promoting a donation drive, including free downloadable posters to hang up in schools and communities.

Check out the Donation Match Game app for free either online or in the iTunes store.