Goodwill South Florida Partners to Help Coronavirus Patients on the Road to Recovery

In Miami, Goodwill South Florida has teamed up with Baptist Health South Florida to create COVID-19 hospital care kits for patients who come through the emergency room or who have stayed as in-patients.

The kits contain a refreshment, along with thermometers, personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer and helpful information to help patients while they recover from the novel coronavirus.

The hospital created a COVID-19 relief fund, which paid for the 700 kits that were put together at Goodwill South Florida’s new third-party logistics solutions warehouse. The business services division provides such services to the community as fulfillment, kitting and warehousing. The business venture also allows the Goodwill to fulfill part of its mission, which is to employ individuals with disabilities who might otherwise be out of work.

Since the start of the pandemic, Goodwill South Florida has sought meaningful opportunities to contribute to its communities during this trying time. In addition to this partnership, the Goodwill has manufactured personal protective equipment for Baptist Health South Medical and masks to protect Ryder’s essential personnel.

Watch the story on Miami 7 News.