Be The Re-Originator

What does Goodwill offer besides used goods? It offers inspiration, creativity, and opportunity. Acting as independently run social enterprises, Goodwill agencies on the local level serve their communities by creating a culture of service, innovation, and collaboration. Unlike traditional retail stores, Goodwill’s mission isn’t to make a profit. It’s to serve each unique community that it is a part of. Goodwill helps the unemployed find jobs and the open-minded find inspiration. We invite you to adventure through our stores where you can become a re-originator.

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The re-originator. The one who ignores the limitations others may be overwhelmed by and creates something entirely new with just their imagination and their finds. Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties knows the term well. In their motivating video they showcase their community’s own distinct flavor, but the most wonderful thing about the message they are sending is that each region – each person, in fact – can bring something different to the world.

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But, of course, when your muse strikes, you won’t need our assistance to reinvent something to suit your needs. All you’ll need are some materials from one of our locations! Mr. Goodwill Hunting tracked down this brilliant repurposing project that solves the age-old curse of stepping on a Lego. By turning a second-hand side table into a Lego station (it’s the perfect height for little ones, by the way!) keeping those jagged little pieces up off of the floor will be easier than ever. Rejoice! Parents can go barefoot in their homes once again! And it’s all because one re-originator broke outside of the boundaries.

How have you reimagined your Goodwill finds? Have they helped you to develop your own distinct style or shatter the mold? We would love to hear about your Goodwill adventures! Tell us how you, too, are a re-originator. We’re eager to hear your unique story.