Color Crush: Citron

Here in New England, autumn is saturating our leaves with its most glorious tones. Every year, I’m in awe of the colors being produced, but once in awhile, I find a new obsession with one shade in particular. Even if it’s an old familiar hue, I’ll suddenly see it in a new way that has me wishing I could redecorate my whole house to capture its mood. Of course, I don’t have the time or money to undertake such a restructuring, so I have to find other ways to bring the color-du-jour into my life. This year, I’m head over heels for the bright, lemony look of citron that I’ve seen adorning some of my local branches. It’s not a color that is often associated with fall, but in my neck of the woods (quite literally) it’s really been catching my eye. Isn’t it beautiful?

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Finding clothing by simply going to the store and seeing what jumps out at you is easy. When I think of my favorites, though – the pieces I reach into the closet for repeatedly – they’re often items that I sought out for one reason or another: a skirt that was just the right length, a sweater with perfectly-sized polka dots, or a dress (like the one above found at a Goodwill Industries of Southern California store) in my new favorite color. I feel happy just looking at this dress! If I have a vague idea of what I want while I’m shopping, but keep an open mind, I know I’ll end up with a purchase that lasts longer than just one season.

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Not sure if you can pull off such a bright color? Try matching it with something else that incorporates that color subtly. Damara from Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago did so in the outfit pictured above (which only cost her $23 at Goodwill!). Having the same chartreuse shade in her skirt and on her bangles makes the luminous sweater look like it truly belongs. By the way, this trick works for home décor, too! If you love the look of a bright citron chair, find a rug or some throw pillows for the couch that match so you can tie it all in together!

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So many people these days downplay their home’s colors because they feel it’s better to be safe than sorry. While I definitely agree with this safety measure elsewhere in life, I do feel that if a person is drawn to a certain color, they should try to incorporate it into their home. Shannon of the blog Burlap and Lace wasn’t afraid to go bold with this Goodwill side table she painted citron. Hey, you can always repaint if you decide something doesn’t look right and at least then you’d know your true feelings! So should I go for it with bright yellow bedroom walls then? Eh…maybe I’ll stick to side tables and sweaters this time.

Do you love this sunny citron color, too, or is it just me? Is there another color that catches your eye while you’re thrifting? Since Goodwill cares about the community and the planet, I know that shopping there for my newest color crush means that I’m helping to protect future foliage arrays and with their incredible variety, I’d recommend you check the aisles for your favorite, too.