Curating a Capsule Wardrobe Closet

Have you heard about capsule wardrobes yet? I hadn’t until recently, but I think I’ve just identified my big year-end goal: to create a minimalist closet that works for my style, my lifestyle, and in which every single item feels like a perfect 10. If I plan it well, nearly every piece of clothing will complement the others saving me tons of time getting ready in the morning. Since I’ll be working with a structured number of pieces, my closet will finally have a little breathing room instead of feeling messy and cramped! Interested in joining me? Here’s a little more about the process…

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For me, it started when Rappahannock Goodwill Industries (Fredricksburg, VA) shared this post on their Facebook page. My curiosity got the better of me and I clicked to read more. Within moments, I was struck by the visual simplicity of the writer’s wardrobe. And yet, as I scrolled to see some of the outfits she’d made from her 37 basics, I was impressed that each look was still distinct and relevant! One tip she mentions: Choose neutral, versatile tops and bottoms and let your accessories and shoes be the personality. For an in-depth walk through of her capsule wardrobe lifestyle, read the whole post.

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The impetus for the fashionista Rappahannock Goodwill mentioned to transition into a capsule wardrobe came when she realized that although her closet was full of clothes, she felt like she had nothing to wear. So it was out with the less-desirable, unworn, badly fitting attire (Drop it off at Goodwill! Did you know your donations are the beginning of job creation?) and in with a select group of perfect pieces that allowed her to get excited to dress every morning! Working with a very balanced foundation of basics, you, too, can then add a few unique, but very versatile, pieces to incorporate some flavor. For example: this DIY cape from Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids (MI) does double duty as a slouchy cover-up or as a scarf! Watch the video to find out how you can create your own!

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But before you throw open your closet doors and start tossing pieces into piles, I really think a style summit like what Armanda of Thriftionary did is a fantastic idea. Creating vision boards around one newly thrifted top, she was able to explore the versatility of it and really zero in on a style that felt true to herself. Crafting a vision board (try doing it on Pinterest!) can also help you identify patterns or colors that you are drawn to and see how well they work together. Include some of your favorite clothing items, as Armanda did, just to get you going, then see what else feels right to add. Having each item visible on one screen will really give you the perfect vantage point for starting a successful capsule wardrobe.

What it really boils down to is knowing your tastes, dressing for your lifestyle, and including only versatile pieces that fit well and feel great. If the world of fashion is a well-stocked kitchen, then capsule wardrobes are the simple syrups: scaled-down, straightforward, and sweet. Ready to give it a try?