New Year, New Wardrobe – How To Create The Closet That Matches Your Resolutions

By Felicia Czochanski

Whether you’re a fashionista or find deciding what to wear for just about any occasion stressful, one thing’s for certain – clothes are important! Not only do they provide a method for self-expression, but they’re often one of the most meaningful parts of making a first impression. As you kick off a new year, think about what you might want to change from your existing wardrobe. Do you have too much athleisurewear but your goal for the year is to dress to impress at work? What about too many bar hopping outfits when your goal is to stay in more often? Taking the time to thoughtfully go through your closet can be the first step to achieving what you want this year.

No matter what your goals are, remember that it’s important to put in the work to achieve them. Write them out on paper – just think of how amazing it will feel when you get to cross something off how proud you’ll be too. Manifest them into reality by living in the present, and make sure you don’t shy away from opportunities when they do present themselves. Sometimes getting out of our comfort zones is all we need to propel ourselves into the next chapter of our lives!

Given the current economic environment, it wouldn’t be surprising if one of your goals is to save money. One of the ways to do this is to shop second-hand for wardrobe upgrades at Goodwill. This is an incredible way to keep your rainy day fund full, while also getting what you need to take the next step towards your goals. It’s a win-win, also because the sales of donated goods at Goodwill stores goes towards providing skills training, job placement, and support services to people in local communities. This is all why I go to Goodwill first before shopping online!

Keep reading for three confidence-boosting outfits to keep in your closet!

Photo: @cliudressesup

  1. First Impression Outfit

Whether you’re looking for a new relationship, new job, or to make new friends, first impressions are incredibly important when it comes to opening doors. Make sure you always have a go-to first impression outfit (or multiple first impression options) for a range of scenarios. You never know when an opportunity will pop up and you’ll have just enough time to put something on that you already own and head out for.

Photo: @daniwalker

  1. Promotion Outfit

Is 2023 the year you want to take on a new leadership role, start your own company, or learn how to make the first move? Have a few power outfits at the ready that you can put on for the confidence boost you need to move forward.

Photo: @nothingbutthrifted

  1. Self-Love Outfit

Before you can truly show the world all you have to offer, you have to make sure you’re offering yourself all that you need. Loving yourself and your body is important enough that it should make the list of annual goals every year. Have a rotation of outfits that make you feel good about yourself, whether you wear them out of the house or just inside, for yourself.