Delicious Décor

Well, it’s Friday, and I think we’ve all earned a little treat to reward ourselves for a week well spent. Go ahead and think of your favorite guilty pleasure food and let’s all have a moment. Now what else is on today’s to-do list? Maybe you should make plans to indulge in that yummy delight after you’ve accomplished your final tasks for the day. Food can be an incredible motivator, so let’s harness this desire and use it to drive us not just today, but in all we do throughout the week.

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As it turns out, bacon is something Goodwill Industries of Central Alabama (Montgomery) has a thing for. And who could blame them? If this is a food that motivates you, too, the good news is that you can now bring the simple pleasure of this Sunday morning classic to the office with you as wall décor. Head to Goodwill to track down this cheeky wall hanging or, if you don’t see it there, buy any other piece of canvas art, paint over it with a solid color, and draw in your own! Having a reminder of something you really look forward to is a great way to refocus when you start to feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be food, of course. Having any a little reminder at work of your favorite thing(s) will inspire a productive day!

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There was a time that bacon was my jam, but that was before I had truly explored the glory of donuts. Since branching out beyond the occasional drive-thru chain, I have found the mouthwatering goodness of gourmet donuts. As with most guilty pleasures, when I’m having a truly disastrous day, a donut can turn things around. Since having one every day would be a bad idea, I’ll settle for one on the weekend and this fantastic donut shirt found by Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries (Boston) in between. Remember that having a sense of style isn’t always about wearing sky-high heels and the perfect lip color; sometimes it’s about drawing attention with a sense of humor. Plus, donning something that puts a smile on your face (like a donut shirt!) is also a brilliant way to center yourself so you can make it through that mid-term paper or banal housework. Know what I mean?

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And for the non-donut sweet tooths, I bet having a cake stand this lovely on your counter to greet you upon return home from work would help you get through the day! Bake something yummy on the weekends to place inside and ration that throughout your weeknights. I’ve seen plenty of cake stand tutorials that include thrifted candlestick holders and plates fastened together (love it!), but I really liked this new addition: a crystal knob for the top! As Kristi of the blog Lolli Jane says, “don’t pass on a dome that looks blah when you can easily spruce it up for just a few bucks!” This upgrade was literally as simple as screwing a fresh knob onto a thrifted glass lid! I’m always seeing cloches on the shelves at Goodwill and usually look the other way, but I won’t anymore!

If none of that is reward or motivation enough for you, then how about this: By shopping at and donating to Goodwill, you help provide job training and placement opportunities for individuals in your community. Making it through the week to Friday can be tough stuff, but knowing you have helped to make a difference for others should make life a little easier.