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Did you know that 86 percent of women own at least one pair of shoes that they’ve never worn? That statistic is astounding! What’s worse – and I’m a little ashamed to admit this – is that I am one of those women. The allure of fancy feet draws me in more often than I care to admit, but still I rotate through the same five pairs and just stare at the rest while a guilty dialog runs through my head. “I haven’t had the right occasion!” and “I just need to find a dress to match…” are excuses I’ve spouted off so frequently that they’ve become cliché in my household. So what’s a girl to do?

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That’s right, I asked what a girl could do. Men don’t tend to catch this footwear-fever as readily as ladies do. Most men, in fact, own ten pairs of shoes or less. Where am I getting these statistics? Goodwill of the Finger Lakes (Rochester, NY) shared some research on their blog that, oddly, wasn’t at all hard to believe. As I read through the post, it sounded all too familiar and visuals of the closet my husband and I share (the whole floor of which is littered with my shoes) popped quickly into my head. I realized I needed a solution.

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The first and most obvious solution, since we’re all fans of Goodwill, is to comb through them and find some pairs to donate. That’s my new weekend goal! I am deciding right now, and you can all hold me accountable, to significantly reduce my shoe collection. What’s left after I pull out the uncomfortable or ill-fitting pairs, and those that just don’t match anything, will be reorganized! I’m eager to find a solution for my shoe storage as good as this one created by Goodwill of Orange County (Santa Ana), so I’ll definitely poke around the store after I make my donation. There’s no better use of space than adding an additional function to one piece of furniture or home décor that you already love. In this case, you’re getting those shoes out of the heap on the floor and stashing them inside something that adds to your home’s look rather than detracting from it!

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Speaking of things that look great, I must admit that when I spotted the heels pictured above I didn’t actually believe that the shoes got their pizzazz from a DIYer. I clicked the photo feeling doubtful, but as I watched the video tutorial it was clear to me that a project like this actually is really simple! It doesn’t have to be comic-themed either. One could certainly use book pages, photographs, or any type of paper ephemera! You know, this would probably also work well on handbags if you’re not so much a shoe person (but then again, I can’t imagine that you’re still reading this post if you aren’t)! And as you know, all of these materials – shoes, handbags, books, etc. – are plentiful, and inexpensive, at your local Goodwill!

I love finding an excuse to support Goodwill because I know I’m in good company when I do. This organization has earned the trust and support of more than 86 million donors in the United States and Canada, all of who are doing their part to give back to their unique communities through their partnership with Goodwill. Join us as you clean out some clogs and cleats or gather supplies for your next (shoe-themed?) project!