Give Your Fall Wardrobe a Kick with Affordable Shoe Styles

If there’s one thing that women cannot have enough of, it’s shoes. A great pair of shoes can transcend seasons, and can very often give a simple outfit its “wow” factor.

Shoe choice is also pivotal when expressing a modern edge in vintage dressing. Just like in clothing, many of today’s biggest shoe trends are simply recycled from past eras. Therefore, it is entirely possible to find a trendy shoe score at your local Goodwill® store.

Here’s what to look for:

Stacey Kay models two ways to wear ankle boots
Ankle boots
– Ankle boots are huge trend for fall, and whether you like them to lace up, zip up, or slip on, it’s all good in 2012. Look for chunkier heels and soles for a more casual appeal. Chelsea boots are still really popular, as well as combat-style boots with buckles. Show off your ankle boots by tucking your skinny jeans in, or cuffing them above the top of the boot. Ankle boots also look great with vintage dresses; scrunch down chunky socks for extra texture or add a fun pair of tights.

Stacey Kay models two pairs of loafers

Slippers and loafers – Slippers and loafers are one of the easiest vintage trends to try right now, and I can personally attest to the availability of loafers in Goodwill thrift stores. Now as for slippers, we’re not talking about what you wear from the bedroom to the bathroom, but rather a specific shape and style of loafer that happened to be popular for men in the 1920s. To date I have scored two great pairs of loafers from Goodwill stores, one in turquoise and one in tan.

Stacey Kay models two different ways to  wear cowboy boots
Cowboy boots – Leather cowboy boots are a vintage lover’s dream when found on the racks of a thrift store, and I personally adore the way that they can be worn with just about anything. While cowboy boots may not be included in most trend reports this fall, they are included in this one because of their versatility, character and relevance to the vintage fashion scene. I’ve found a few great pairs of cowboy boots at Goodwill, and when added to an outfit that contains vintage elements, add a whole other layer of pizzazz. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for this thrifty statement boot.

Stacey Kay models a pair of Oxfords

Oxfords – Oxfords are another huge shoe trend for fall, carrying over from last spring. If you haven’t already been on the lookout for them, then be sure to check out the shoe racks on your next Goodwill shopping spree. I love the way that they can be combined with girly dresses to make the outfit more casual, or give androgynous appeal to a simple skinny jean and blazer combination.

Remember, buying secondhand shoes is a great way to prevent excessive waste from piling up in local landfills. Goodwill collects and sells donated goods, like secondhand shoes, in more than 2,600 stores and on its auction site, Goodwill’s entrepreneurial business model helps extend the life of usable items in environmentally sound ways, all while passing on savings to you as the consumer.

Have you found any of these shoe trends at your local Goodwill store? Tell us about your best finds in the comments section below.