Feeling Fruity: Pineapple Inspired Creations

For centuries, the pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality, fortune, and, yes, goodwill. So it seemed only fitting that we take some time to highlight this fantastic fruit! As it turns out, we’re not the only ones inspired by its spiny beauty. In fact, pineapples have been a pretty trendy motif for a while now. I’ve seen this shape gracing small brass statues in magazines for almost $100 and wallpaper that would be over $1,000 to install, but if you keep reading you’ll find a few fun ways to cash in on this juicy fad (other than putting it in a fruit salad) without parting with all of your cash.

Image via facebook.com/goodwillde

Perhaps the easiest way to bring a little pineapple into your life is by bringing it into your home. A sweet figurine like this one found in one of the stores near Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County (Wilmington) will send out warm and welcoming vibes to anyone who drops by for a visit. As I was browsing around online looking for more thrifted pineapple finds, I was delighted to see how easily these cute little pieces were finding new homes. Even curios that have horrible paint jobs or are in rough shape can easily be updated with a monochromic coat of paint so it’s customized for a certain space! Remember, when you score a great piece for an even better price, you can afford to make a few DIY mistakes. Just give it a shot and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised!

Image via nowthatspretty.blogspot.com

For those who love to go bold, you can kick it up a notch by creating your own colorful DIY pineapple lamp at home like this one shared by Goodwill Industries Serving Southeast Nebraska (Lincoln) on Facebook. The next time you’re at Goodwill, check the lighting section for a lamp that needs some love. Paint the scoop portion of a bunch of plastic spoons yellow and trim off the handles after the paint has dried. Layer these all the way around the lampshade, starting at the bottom. When you get to the top, cover it with green spines you’ve made from cardstock, et voila! Just make sure you create a significant hole in the midst of the spines for the lamp’s heat to escape and you should be golden.

Image via instagram.com/littlepictureloft

And then there are those bright and shiny personalities who carry the giving spirit of the pineapple wherever they go… by wearing it. I love this bold fashion statement! Nic (LittlePictureLoft on Instagram) scored the darling vintage skirt pictured above while she was out thrifting. Pairing it with a sleek and simple black top leaves the focus on the pineapples and doesn’t overwhelm. But not every person who practices goodwill conveys it by wearing the symbol wherever they go. In fact, every time you donate to Goodwill retail stores, your donation has the potential to help someone find a job, strengthen a community, and preserve the planet. That means that you are making a difference with every visit. Go you!

What do you think? Is the pineapple trend here to stay? Should we add it to our logo? Here’s hoping the craze’s meaning sticks around even if the symbol itself doesn’t because community and benevolence are always on point. Have a wonderful weekend!