Fixer Upper Style: Farmhouse Chic

The HGTV show Fixer Upper has inspired people across the country to embrace DIY home projects from organizing their own “demo day” to repurposing second-hand goods. I love watching designer Joanna roll her eyes at her husband Chip as they stroll through a thrift shop in search of décor elements to punctuate a recently renovated space. Since she creates such beautifully polished rooms, I often find myself asking “What would Joanna do?” when contemplating a furniture move or bland-looking corner in my own home. The answer that usually pops into mind then is: thrift! If it’s good enough for Chip and Jo, then it’s good enough for me.

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Although the neutral color pallet favored by Joanna (lots of white, black, and grays) could easily be perceived as cold, she uses this spectrum as the backdrop for an environment warmed up by more organic features like woodgrain, flowers, and plush fabric surfaces for lounge-y furniture. Goodwill Industries of Houston (TX) perfectly captured this style with an image they shared recently on their Facebook page featuring the Fixer Upper-ubiquitous shiplap and an industrial stool. The best part of the whole look is knowing that everything from the mason jars to the table could be found at Goodwill for a fantastic price! That makes obtaining my own Fixer Upper-inspired style a lot easier!

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One thing that I really appreciate about Fixer Upper is that each home ends up fully furnished, right down to the dishware. Guests on the show can actually move right into their dream homes as soon as filming cuts. It’s the little details like styled trays that act as the cherry on top of their gorgeous restorations. Thankfully, we can all pretend to be the beneficiaries of the Gaines’s handiwork by following this tutorial from Sarah of the blog Sadie Seasongoods to turn a simple thrift store cutting board into our own rustic serving platter. It’s even easier than you’d think and would be so lovely as a centerpiece when not in use as a tray!

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So much of the show’s charm is owed to the décor style that Joanna creates in spaces, but it’s also refreshing to recognize her personal style which, I feel, is just an extension of that. With a penchant for denim, light flowy layers, and leather/metal jewelry, her outfits appear effortlessly chic. It’s easy to throw on some jeans and a loose top so the key to curating a finished look like Jo’s lies in accessorizing. I know that I’m much more likely to drape on a necklace or don some geometric earrings if they’re staring me in the face when I get ready in the morning so if you’re anything like me, a jewelry sorter is critical. This one made by Ingrid of Seattle Goodwill (WA) from a thrifted picture frame is definitely Jo-approved with its white-washed detailing and chicken wire grid and it would be the perfect weekend project to influence outfit inspiration for the upcoming week!

If there’s anything that our friends from Fixer Upper would want us to take away from their show, I bet it’s the feeling that everyone deserves to live in their own little slice of heaven. I’m especially touched when Chip and Joanna help families who have had a hard time (coming out of a divorce or family tragedy) find a new start. That aspect of the show always reminds me of the way that Goodwill® agencies help their program participants find new starts, too, by guiding more than 261,000 people in the U.S. and Canada to find employment on an annual basis. We may not all be lucky enough to have the Gaineses restore a dreamy old home to its former glory for us, but, thanks to their DIY inspiration and Goodwill stores, at least we can follow in their footsteps.