Goodwill® Helps Make Thanksgiving Memories

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, I can’t help but think of some of my favorite Turkey Day memories. Since childhood, this has been my holiday of choice. That’s partly because on Thanksgiving I get to see my beloved cousins from out-of-state and also partly because the relaxed, family-centered day seems to revolve around delicious home-cooked food. I’d love to go back to those simpler times (you know, before I had to help prepare the meal) when my cousins, sister, and I settled in for the Thanksgiving dinner around a card table set up in my Grandma’s living room and we giggled until merriment and satisfied tummies exhausted us. That was when Thanksgiving solidified itself, in my mind, as the best day of the year. It hasn’t let me down since!

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Speaking of the kids’ table, Jen from Goodwill Industries of Northern New England (Portland), found some colorful decor inspiration for her children’s Thanksgiving table at Goodwill last year. Now that she’s grown, Jen is motivated to combat the traditional card-table-and-paper-plate Thanksgiving kids’ table that dominated her childhood, too, by creating a beautiful, and still durable, table setting. I love the cheerful set up that surprised her kids last year on Thanksgiving morning, and I’m positive they’ll recall it this year with fondness.

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Zhenya, of the blog Being Zhenya, and her family made quite a memory last year, too, when they all decided to take a brisk after-dinner walk to digest their meal before dessert. In the warm spirit of the season – and thanks to a bit of champagne – they only briefly considered the cold before stepping out together into the November air. Within 20 minutes, though, the family found themselves making a mad dash back to the comfort of their poultry-scented palace. The cold was just too much! I wonder if they’ll bundle up more and try their walk again this year. If nothing else, at least Zhenya looked absolutely darling in her classy vintage attire, with a skirt courtesy of Goodwill. Take a look at her post for photos of her thrifted Thanksgiving outfit and a more detailed account of the day.

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If you’re in the West Palm Beach, FL area, you may be making a new Thanksgiving memory this weekend. Gulfstream Goodwill Industries, Inc. (West Palm Beach) is giving away one free 14-18 pound turkey per area retail store so make sure you stop in this weekend if you’re near. You don’t need to make a purchase (although, with such great prices, I bet you’ll find at least one little thing to take home). This kind and thoughtful giveaway is just one of the ways that Goodwill strengthens lives, families and communities – by literally putting a meal on the table. Don’t miss out on the excitement! Read their blog post for more details.

Wishing you lots of memories in the making this season. Not in the festive spirit? Stop by your local Goodwill to see well-stocked shelves and holiday displays to tempt even the most reserved shoppers. Just like a bountiful Thanksgiving meal: at Goodwill, there truly is something for everyone!