Here’s What This Year’s Second Annual Secondhand Sunday Had in Store


Earlier this month, freshly stuffed with turkey and cranberry sauce, millions of Americans mapped out their early Black Friday morning shopping strategies. Just hours after giving thanks for the things they already have, many of them huddled in tents on cold, hard, strip-mall sidewalks — ironically — to get more stuff.

Not me.

Last year’s first Secondhand Sunday had me looking forward to this year’s post-Thanksgiving trip to the thrift store even more. And I was so excited to pull up and see the Goodwill store off Glebe Road in Arlington, VA, packed to capacity!


Inside I saw a TON of giftables and picked up a few for myself. Some of the first things I saw were a display of holiday housewares, Christmas trees, a brand new pair of rollerblades still in the box and jewelry! The aisles were crammed with shoppers, none of whom knew of my little self-created shopping holiday, I’m sure, but were there with purpose! Lots of full carts, lots of holiday cheer and plenty of gifts fit for everyone in the family, including

  • A lighted COCKTAIL sign in the lamp section, perfect for the frat boy in the family.
  • A brand-new-in-package blue merino wool scarf, perfect for mom.
  • Golf clubs.
  • A new camping ice cream maker.

The choices are endless, all it takes is a little effort. And you don’t even have to camp out! Which is exactly what Kere Knapp said when I ran into her looking through the kids section. “I used to do that years ago,” she said. “Too many people and they’re going to have the same sales the next day.”

She likes looking for something you can’t find just anywhere. “We’re a big antique family,” she said.


So mark it on your calendar for next year’s third annual Secondhand Sunday, the weekend after Thanksgiving. Together we can make it catch on!