Va-Va-Voom! Why Shopping at Goodwill® is a Plus-Size Win

If you thrive on thrifting then you probably already know this, but it still feels worth noting: second hand stores are where every person’s wildest dreams can come true (especially sartorial ones)! Shopping for your body type can be super challenging, especially if you tend to love the styles that a certain brand provides, but their sizing is too limited. If you’re plus-size, though, don’t feel bound to that boring strip mall store. Your curves are begging you for a trip to Goodwill!

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Whitney, the blogger behind The Curvy Fashionista, has five fantastic plus-size shopping tips to share in this blog post. Our favorite: Don’t let a tag’s size rule you. Shop all the sections, even the ones you think won’t fit and the men’s section! It’s very possible that your new favorite frock is accidentally hiding amongst the extra-smalls and unlike some other stores, Goodwill’s relaxed atmosphere and the flow from one section to the next means that you can casually browse through every size without feeling funny about it. Who says you can’t rock that bold blazer just because it was hanging with the menswear? If you love it and it fits, that’s all that matters.

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Our next tip can seem a little easier said than done: work with your curves instead of trying to hide them. Since every body is different and every piece of clothing fits differently, it becomes super important to try before you buy. Look for items that hit in all the right places like the skirt in the picture above which I found on Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake (Baltimore)’s Curvy Apparel pinboard. Check out the board for more style inspiration and don’t forget that you can shine a spotlight on stunning curves simply by adding a belt at the waist, too!

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While we’re on the topic of belts, accessories abound at Goodwill! They can often be a girl’s best friend by highlighting the features you’re confident about or playing down anything you’re not. For example: I know a lot of women – plus size and not! – are self-conscious about their neck area. Colorful scarves can offer a snuggly sense of security in the cooler seasons and lively necklaces can draw the eye down and away when it’s warm. Don’t forget about shoes! I just saw this super cute DIY shoe patch idea on Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana (Indianapolis)’s Goodwill Fashion pinboard and it got me thinking; could something like this make side panels to expand the width of a too-narrow shoe? Who’s brave enough to give it a try? Start with a thrifted pair so if the results are disastrous you at least know it had one good life before donation.
We want you to be fashionably fearless and embrace your beauty! It’s time to go through your closet and ditch those frumpy pieces you never actually liked in favor of new favorites that compliment your shape. While you’re at Goodwill, pass along your castoffs and feel even better knowing that your donation is the beginning of job creation. Plus, the things that aren’t a perfect fit for you may be the exact compliment to another Goodwill shopper’s shape!