Goodwill®: The Ultimate Collection Resource

If you’re looking to spruce up that one wall of your living room, or to extend a certain decor theme throughout your home in order to tie every room together, displaying a collection can be an easy and effective way of doing that. Creating your own gallery can be as easy as setting up some shelves and showing off your favorite treasures. Everyone has a collectible (if not many) that they are drawn to, and because nearly everything can be donated to Goodwill®, it truly is the ultimate collection resource. Let’s check out some collections that others have thrifted.

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A girl after my own heart, The Goodwill Gal has been honing her camera collection. Look at these beauties! I find photography to be a little bit like magic, especially when done the old-fashioned way (with film). I can’t wait to see what future additions might be added to her collection, so I’ll have to check back with this blogger often. And cameras aren’t the only things she collects from thrift stores. Take a peek at her blog to find out more.

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Whenever my husband comes thrifting with me, he always swings by the toy section. There’s plenty of nostalgia awaiting him there and he loves to share his toy-triggered memories with me. His favorite finds in that department are Legos and it sounds like he’s not the only one; Seattle Goodwill Industries understands the allure of these imaginative sets and shares a little about collecting the brand in this post. If you have ever wondered about Lego history or how to tell a real piece from a knock-off, you’ll want to check it out.

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Did you see this eye-catching display that Nancy Boyce has in her home? She has been scavenging and scrounging Goodwill stores for the past five years and still her brooch collection is growing. (Is any collection ever really “complete”?) She has curated an element of home décor that is functional and exhibits an impressive expression of her personality. So fun! Read more about it on the Goodwill Industries Manasota (Sarasota) blog.

Do you have any collections in the works? We’d love to hear about them! Stop into your local Goodwill soon to find the perfect addition to your favorite assortment. Or maybe you are trying to make a little space in your home and you are considering donating some favorites from other stages of your life. That’s okay, too. There is a season for everything. Instead of tossing them out, donate old collections to Goodwill and you will help provide job training and placement opportunities for individuals in your community (your donation may also be someone else’s favorite find of the day). Happy treasure hunting!