How to Make “Thrift Shop” Your Ultimate Halloween Costume

Photo: Billboard

It’s music to my ears when someone starts a conversation with “hey, can we go thrift shopping?” I get excited about all the possibilities that might be found searching through the racks at my favorite Goodwill store, and while I love shopping by myself, it’s equally satisfying to find some real treasure on the racks and turn to a friend standing nearby to show off the big find.

When a certain multi-platinum recording artist with a genuine love for thrift stores – and Goodwill – came out with an iconic song about them, along with the incredible music video, the lyrics, while at times humorous, speak to the wider message of what I love so much about shopping second-hand. The song talks about thrift shopping as the opportunity for a “come up” – finding items that no longer served someone else, but that have the ability to transform your own look and from a bigger picture, maybe even your life, by giving you access to brands and types of vintage styles you might not be able to find or afford at retail prices.

The music video for this song is instantly recognizable and in turn, also brings an instant smile to your face. The best thing about it? It’s also SO easy to recreate if you’re looking for a last-minute Halloween costume. Plus, it’s so fitting to do so by popping into your local Goodwill store to find a vintage faux fur coat of your own.

I had already checked out at Goodwill – scoring major deals on brands like Likely and Joe’s Jeans that day – but then out of the corner of my eye, I became drawn to something I had somehow missed during my first walk through of the store. I could see a couple pulling this incredible faux fur coat out of the rack and off its hanger, and start to walk around the store in it singing the lyrics to this song. It was too perfect! I had to snap a picture and share this idea with all of you. I also had to let this great find go back to the original finders, who assured me they’ll be making their way around Brooklyn on a bicycle to recreate the music video this Halloween.

The costume – especially when worn in Goodwill, which is so aptly name dropped in the song – is intuitive enough without explanation. But just to be sure people know who you’re emulating this Halloween, make sure to grab a Goodwill bag on your next shopping trip, so you’ll have something on-theme to use as you collect Halloween candy on your neighborhood route.

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