Keep Your Home Bright by Decorating with Christmas Lights

Close-up of twinkle lights
 As summer approaches, I find myself itching to decorate with twinkle lights! Their whimsical glow adds to the comforting atmosphere of the warmer months. Luckily, I stumbled upon a string at Goodwill® recently, and the ideas of how I could use them just started flooding to mind. I love the clean and simple look of a string of white lights, and although a lot of people think Christmas when they see these, I think of summer because it is then that I’m looking for every excuse in the world to stay outside among the stars, fireflies and fresh air. 

Table with twinkle light chandelier
Decorating a patio space or yard with twinkle lights is a great way to keep guests (or yourself) comfortable outside after the sun has set, but bringing these lights inside helps set a Midsummer Night’s Dream sort of haze to the lazy nights of summer. In my home I’m constantly trying new things before I settle on a look that I like. So when I took home my twinkle lights, I had to test out several options for their display before settling on something. Here’s what I came up with:

Twinkle light used to decorate top of dresser

Twinkle lights insider of a birdcage

Twinkle lights hung up on wall
 My favorite use of these pretty white lights, though, was the rustic chandelier that I made to hang above our dining table. I used only some sticks I found outside, twine that I already had laying around the house, and the lights that I purchased at Goodwill. I love knowing that because of Goodwill’s leadership in sustainable practices, the whole project is eco-friendly. 

Twinkle light chandelier tutorial

These are just a few of the ideas that came to my mind, but we’d love to hear what you’ve done with your twinkle lights! Make sure to you keep an eye out at your local Goodwill retail store for more of these beauties. There are also plenty more ideas on our Pinterest DIY board of how others have chosen to use these. Take a look – you may be inspired to set your home aglow! 

Have a lovely day.

xx, Julia