Recreate Three Fall Trends Using Thrift Store Finds

Hey guys, its Marisa from New Dress A Day here!  New York Fashion Week is over and the spring 2014 looks have made their way down the runway, however we’re just starting to gear up for fall! I’ve put together three big fall trends using pieces acquired at Goodwill®.  Mission impossible? Nah, just like Tom Cruise, I was successful — and I didn’t have to scale any walls.

Look #1 Belted Blazers

The whole blazer/belt combination is on-point for fall.  Oscar de la Renta showed a red duo on the runway…

Red Oscar de la Renta dress
…and I created my own version using a Forever 21 jacket and Lux dress both from Goodwill in Los Angeles.  My duo was black, so by adding a bright and graphic belt on top of the coat, I was channeling my real life version of this trend.

Goodwill - Belted Blazer Look

Look #2 Masculine Whimsy

The mix of hard and soft is everywhere, including mixing feminine fabrics with a bit more edge.  I took Vika Gazinskaya’s leather skirt and white shirt combination…

Goodwill - Vika Gazinskaya

…and recreated it using an H&M leather skirt (from Goodwill Boston), a vintage white blouse and black booties.

Goodwill - Masculine Whimsy Look


Look #3 Textured Outerwear

For a chic upgrade to a basic t-shirt and ripped jeans mix, ASOS paired a graphic tee with a boucle jacket for their current fall catalog.


Goodwill - ASOS boucle jacket

Using this combination as inspiration, I took a t-shirt from my collection and paired it with ripped Todd Oldham jeans (from Goodwill Boston), a colorful Dana Buchman knit sweater with a vintage purse (both from Goodwill LA).


Goodwill - Textured Outerwear Look

There’s nothing better than three chic runway looks created on a Goodwill budget that will have you on trend this season!

7 comments on “Recreate Three Fall Trends Using Thrift Store Finds
  1. Hmmmm, nice try… tho’ I would expect a little more effort put into making it more trendy… Especially with the blouse that has the puffy shoulders…never liked that look 🙂 back when it was popular. No matter how you cut it… old clothes still “smack” of being outta date no matter how much it might look current or similar.

    I’d have to do some cutting around the issues to bring it into this century. heh heh Now if I ever get this house De-cluttered, I’ll send you some of my work. Been at it for two months, and preparing now for a Flea Market day on Saturday. And Girl!…I’ve got a truck load of Vintage at my fingertips…I do plan on contributing (before I put my foot any further in my mouth) … I love viewing your daily dose of inspiration…but I have to give my critique honestly. Hugs, Juliana

  2. I love this article and its inspiration. I will be posting it to my Facebook group at Bowerbirds Journal and Silver Lining Op Shop page also on Facebook.

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