Revitalize the Classroom with School Supplies from Goodwill®

With their classrooms full of students, teachers will now be taking the ultimate test: did they prepare enough over the summer for this school year? It’s hard to imagine exactly how each year will progress, seeing as the students (and their needs) are never quite the same from one year to the next. By now, educators are noticing voids in their classroom supplies or annoyances regarding the organization of their space, yet the annual budget has probably already been spent or allocated for later purchases. It’s no secret that most teachers end up paying for many (if not most) of their classroom needs out-of-pocket, so costs need to be low. Cue Goodwill®!

Goodwill’s book nooks are great a resource for homeschoolers and teachers looking for supplemental reading material. (8/12/14)
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Goodwill of Tulsa recognizes what a wonderful resource their stores are for instructors of all levels. In a recent post, they highlighted the many teaching materials (including books, movies, and desk organizers) found in several of their thrift stores. They also remind readers that since Goodwill’s stock changes daily, it will remain a great asset long after students’ backpacks are zipped up at the end of that first school day.

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And just as kids do their Back-To-School shopping, teachers may find the need to refresh their wardrobe a bit at this time of the year, too. Conservative attire can be pricey when purchased brand new, so Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey (Astoria) is embracing their work-appropriate wears by showcasing many of them in this blog post. I must admit; the prospect of Ann Taylor blazers for under $25 has me eager to scope out the selection at my local Goodwill! (But before I run out to do that, perhaps I should finish writing this post…)

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Once effects and ensembles are accounted for, teachers can then begin adding personal touches to their rooms. As Magen of the blog On A Mission With Teaching Ambition states, “Having a fun and welcoming classroom is key!” She suggests swinging by Goodwill to look for a stool that can be personalized to reflect an exciting and engaging atmosphere. Don’t see any stools at your Goodwill? Check back another day or try this customization technique on a different piece of furniture! A chair would accomplish the same task, but a bookcase or trunk would be just as fun to makeover, plus it would help with classroom organization!

You know, Goodwill itself is not unlike our nation’s teachers. Educators, from pre-school to post-graduate, work hard every day to create a positive learning environment that will encourage students to grow so that they will one day become a strong and colorful member of society. Goodwill provides job preparation, skills training, education assistance, and support services to more than 9 million people a year who are facing challenges to finding employment. So, teachers, by shopping at Goodwill for your classroom needs, you won’t just be improving the future of your students, you’ll also be helping us improve the lives of our employees and community members.