Seeking Simple Comforts

Although I often try to convince myself otherwise, I might as well admit that I am a jeans girl. Many of my friends tout the comfort and convenience of dress wearing, but if I’m being honest with myself (which I probably should be), jeans are just my cup of tea. They’re what I wear when I’m feeling crummy or when I’m in a rush. They’re effortless and they feel like “me”. In my eyes, jeans are the epitome of the simple, good old-fashioned quintessence that I strive to enjoy every day, and with these recent cooler days I’ve been seeking simple comforts like these more than ever before.


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Perhaps it’s this love of relaxedness, and of the perfect pair of jeans, that made me fall for the outfit above styled by Lindsey of the blog Thrift and Shout. She has dressed up her jeans by pairing them with a blazer and low heels, but you know she’s still comfortable because she’s sticking to the basics. This look could be worn out for plenty of occasions ranging from a date to a business luncheon. Personally, I would rather ditch planned events – even fun ones like concerts or parties – in favor of snuggling up with a book or a quiet weekend in the woods, but that’s just me.

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Speaking of time in the woods, camping this is another down-to-earth (literally!) simplicity to be enjoyed. It’s not unlike jeans, you know; both speak to sensibility, and an appreciation of the essential things in life. Of course, camping at this time of the year requires a few extra layers. T from Marion Goodwill Industries (Marion) impressed me with this incredible camping cache that she scored at Goodwill all for less than $20! I love how all of these clothing items can be worn again in her day-to-day life and the Coleman cooler could even be styled nicely in a vintage-themed kitchen. Well done, T!

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As you’re indulging in your favorite simple comforts this weekend (perhaps a mug of hot cider on a blustery day?) don’t forget to get your pets all settled in, too! They’ll be as snug as bugs when you create this pet bed shared by Kim of Goodwill Industries of Southern Piedmont (Charlotte). She saw a suitcase while she was out thrifting and immediately envisioned its new purpose: a cozy nest for her cats to enjoy. Take a look at her DIY tutorial if you are interested in giving it a try, too!

What do you seek when you’re in the need for a little relief? Do you climb into your favorite pair of jeans like me or head out for a bit of retail therapy at your local Goodwill retail store? If so, you’ll love to know that Goodwill’s goal is to aid in the success of people who are striving to earn a paycheck and support their families. Helping them in this mission by shopping at or donating to Goodwill is something to feel great about! Go ahead, snuggle up with your favorite movie now – you’ve earned it.