Strike Copper, Brass, and Gold at Goodwill®

What’s a surefire way to visually warm up a forgotten corner of your home, brighten your kitchen storage, or make your favorite outfit shine? Why not add the glowing patina of brass, copper, or gold? These often-expensive metals don’t have to break your bank when you shop for them secondhand so read on for some tips and pictures of these favorite thrift haul finds.

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Like many of us, Emily from the blog The Newly Wards is head-over-heels for brass figurines. But while shopping online for sweet little pieces to add some quirk to her home, she realized that they can cost between $50 or $1,000 to buy brand new! Thankfully, she knew Goodwill would have some more reasonably priced solutions. In just one trip, she found four darling gems that fit the bill and immediately gave them a new home. While some people love the worn and weathered look of vintage brass, Emily decided to shine them up and was pleased to find that it didn’t take a whole lot of time or money to accomplish a quick facelift. Find out how she touched up her brass when you click through to the full post!

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If gold is more your thing, don’t forget to check under the counter the next time you’re in Goodwill! Genuine gold is regularly sold there at an incredible price—just look for these tell-tale signs shared by Goodwill Industries of New Mexico (Albuquerque) so you can be sure you’ve got the real thing. One easy trick is to carry a magnet around with you then hold it up to the piece you think might be gold. A fake will fly to the magnet faster than you can say “Hi ho, silver!” allowing you to move right along to the next adornment. Check their other tips to find out more!

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Bringing in the gleaming hue of copper is one way to instantly elevate your kitchen decor. Since copper pots and pans are often preferred by top-of-the line chefs, displaying kitchen storage made from this marvelous metal will infuse your kitchen with a bright, first-class look. This five-piece set was found in one of Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona (Tucson)’s stores and shared on their Facebook page (does your local Goodwill clue you in to special items on social media?). Since we’ve recently seen a spike in the popularity of Moscow mule mugs and sleek copper flatware, you may want to snag any copper kitchenware that you see at your local Goodwill before someone else does!
More than 85 percent of collective revenue from the sale of donated goods at Goodwill organizations support and grow their critical community-based programs and services, so when you strike gold while shopping, you’re also sharing the wealth. With an impact like that, you can feel even better about boosting your home decor and wardrobe with some new burnished beauties.