Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration: From Turkey Trot to Dinner Table

By Felicia Czochanski Bisaro 

Now less than a two days away, Thanksgiving snuck up on us again this year! The holiday is a celebration of family, friends and food — and all you’re grateful for this year.  

It’s the kick start to the holiday season and the lowest pressure holiday because gift giving is usually not involved. Instead, time and energy can be focused on planning the perfect Thanksgiving menu, training for the morning turkey trot and sourcing the chicest comfy outfits to get you through the special day.  

Thanksgiving Outfits 

The way you dress is often the best way to showcase your self-expression. Some people identify with a certain style and gravitate towards that for most of their outfits. Others have mastered their minimalist wardrobe goal and have easily pairable outfits within the same color palette. Still others, like me, tend to have more of an emotional connection when it comes to clothing. I dress for a mood or, in some cases a theme, and oftentimes, comfort plays an important factor.  

For me, this is especially true when it comes to Thanksgiving. This year is going to be a two-outfit day for me — maybe three, if I’m being realistic. The morning will be spent jogging and walking a local turkey trot with my in-laws to mix movement into the day of feasting. The afternoon will be spent cooking and eating delicious food and desserts. Finally, the evening will be even more laid back, with a firepit and football watching on the couch. Knowing me, I’ll likely be in my PJs or back in leggings by this time.  

Thanksgiving at Goodwill 

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I went on a few sourcing trips at Goodwill — my favorite store in Manhattan will never disappoint! I’m so thankful to have found a spot where I can elevate my wardrobe at a mere fraction of the price it would cost to shop retail, especially with so many of the incredible brands I find there.  

It’s amazing to see what I can save by shopping at Goodwill, and even better to know that my purchases support funding jobs and job training for those who may be going through a tough time in my local community. This is the spirit of the holiday season embodied in a store that is there to support everyone — from fashionistas to those in need.  

Take a look at some of my thrifted Thanksgiving outfits below, and don’t forget to shop second-hand for your own this holiday season! 

Image shows a pair of black Alo Yoga leggings,  a neutral-colored sweat-wicking jacket and a white running sneakers

Turkey Trot Outfit   

I was thrilled to find my first pair of Alo Yoga leggings! I’ll be pairing these with a neutral-colored sweat-wicking jacket and my trusty running sneakers as I head to the finish line on Thanksgiving morning. Most turkey trots hand out shirts for you to wear during the 5K, so I’ll put that on over the jacket once I receive it, too! 

an image of a Wilfred (an Aritzia brand) tartan wool skirt a black ankle high heels Joie boots.

Thanksgiving Dinner Outfit 

Between cooking, eating and playing with my nieces and nephews, comfort really is the priority for my afternoon outfit. I found this adorable Wilfred (an Aritzia brand) tartan wool skirt at Goodwill in my size and will pair it with a big sweater, black tights and the cutest Joie boots that I also came across for a steal check those Goodwill blue price tags on the bottom. They are brand new. This outfit will last me through dinner, family pictures and maybe a neighborhood walk. By the time firepit time rolls around, you can find me back in a pair of leggings! 

Wishing a relaxing holiday to you and your family this year. Goodwill is so grateful for your continued support that helps elevate its mission.