Thrifting Brave Color Combinations for Pride Month

Felicia Czochanski Bisaro

June is Pride Month, a reminder to be brave, stay authentic even when it goes against the mainstream and have fun while expressing yourself. One of the best ways to do these things is through what you wear and how you choose to style yourself. Oftentimes, finding a look or an experience that feels truly “you” can take some experimenting. That’s where shopping at Goodwill® can come in.

At Goodwill, some stores separate the racks by color, bringing together a rainbow of endless outfit possibilities. You can browse through the store, mixing and matching colors, patterns, textures and styles until you create a masterpiece that can voice the expression you feel most fitting. It can take some time, creativity and energy. Shopping secondhand can be a great starting point for this because thrifted items are much more affordable than retail price — sometimes up to 90% off what they would cost at a retail store. At the same time, especially in the spirit of Pride Month, which reminds us how important community and allyship are, you can feel good shopping at Goodwill, knowing proceeds of each sale are invested back into the local community through job training and other resources people would otherwise not have access to.

1. Riding the Rainbow Wave

Photos: @zoethepooh

This year’s Pride Month theme is “Reflect. Empower. Unite.” As you take some time to think about what this means for you and others in your life, check out some colorful outfit inspiration that will get you excited to celebrate love and being yourself at local pride parades and beyond.

How fun is it to see this Goodwill store in Lorian, OH, celebrating Pride with an amazing rainbow window set up! I love when I walk into Goodwill and something so on-theme is already separated out together. It makes the shopping process easier, but no less fun.

2. Colorful Colorblock

Photo: @iannasolveig

You don’t need to wear a printed rainbow to celebrate love in every color. I love this trendy color block look on this Goodwill shopper — and admire her goal to incorporate more of her fancy dresses into her everyday wardrobe. This look shouts self-expression and is perfect Pride Month inspiration.

3. Retro Rainbow

Photo: @ronelizcapati

This unexpected color combination works flawlessly on this Goodwill shopper who isn’t afraid to show her unique style. I love the vintage silk patterned top paired with the boxy texture of the green wide leg denim. The grungy black boots pull the look together, even though none of the colors technically “match” the result is incredibly cool. Play around with patterns and materials and textures to find something similar that works for you!

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