Skip the Tie: Celebrate Father’s Day with Unique Goodwill® Finds

Three unusual Father's Day gifts you can find at Goodwill

It’s nearly Father’s Day and you know what that means–time to buy dad a new tie!

Or is it?

Trust me, your local Goodwill® store is sure to have a huge selection of ties to pick from. I’ve never stepped foot in a thrift store that didn’t. Some ties are printed with themes that are so hilarious they should really be framed.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all you can find for dad there. It’s also full of great gifts for dad that he’ll actually use!

Like the kayak I saw for sale at the Goodwill in St. Petersburg, perfect for the outdoorsy dad. Or the cozy recliner for sale that I saw a gentleman snoozing in on my trip through Utah, perfect for the armchair quarterback dad. Or the Shakeweight I saw in Ohio, perfect for the muscle-head dad. Or the crab steamer pot I saw for sale in Massachusetts, perfect for the gourmet foodie dad.  Or the “Show ‘em the bird” t-shirt I saw in Delaware, perfect for the car-loving dad. And finally– the epic, museum-worthy 1987 Compaq Portable III computer I saw for sale in New Jersey, perfect for the geeked-out techie dad just itching for some nostalgia.

You see, dads and thrift stores go together like necks and clip-on ties. Because dads love things that are broken-in and comfortable, things that give them an excuse to get outside for a while or just feel like they’re still in touch with a special piece of their past.

But mostly they’ll love it because it’s from you.

So think about it before you head out to that box store and buy dad another ironic tie that will probably cost you triple what it’s worth and will end up at the thrift store anyway– go directly to the thrifty source and find him that perfect little pre-loved something that he’ll treasure even more.