My Story: Michael Graham

I believe that the people there saved my life. I think that YouthBuild Omaha helped me do a complete 180. They are the main reason for my success and what I do. They helped me and now I help others and it brings me a lot of comfort knowing that I can do good being all that had happened before I was a part of their program.

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My Story: Sanique Pierce

Despite my recent accomplishments, my journey is far from over. I have aspirations to continue growing in my career and making a name for myself. My advice to anyone who feels like giving up is to keep pushing through and searching for new opportunities. I can’t stress how important it is for job seekers to grow their social and professional networks, whether they can do so on their own or need the assistance of organizations like Goodwill®. Get out, meet new people and see what opportunities are out there. Today, my future is looking brighter than ever, and I want to pay it forward by sharing my story in hopes of inspiring others to persevere.

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My Story: Carra Wilson

Carra Wilson is an advocate for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment, a true example that success in your professional and personal life is possible when you have both courage and a strong work ethic and seek help when needed. "I used to think I would never be able to keep a job, but through my dedication and hard work plus the support I received from Goodwill, I now have a job that I love."

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My Story: Brandy Eplion

Brandy is a prime example of the good that can erupt from perseverance. After finding herself living with her two kids in low-income housing, Brandy realized that she needed help and reached out to her local Goodwill® for support. Her determination and commitment to hard work have changed her life and helped her succeed.

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My Story: Danny Lewis

Danny Lewis is a great example of a success story. He has overcome adversity and the difficult hurdle of trying to find employment with a criminal background. His positive attitude and determination prove that you can accomplish great things, regardless of the hand life has dealt you.

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My Story: Everardo Jaimez

Through hard work, determination and some help from his local Goodwill, Everado Jamiez was able to overcome homelessness and is now employed as a Customer Service Representative helping the residents of Greensboro, NC.

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Rediscover Your True Self through Self-assessment

It’s never too late to take a self assessment and personality test. They offer questions about our likes, dislikes and needs. The answers can help us rediscover what we want to be as adults.

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My Story: Socorro Garcia

After realizing that she was no longer going to let being deaf define her for the rest of her life, Socorro found the self-confidence and willpower with the help of Goodwill of North Georgia to become the product merchandising team lead at Big Lots.

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Gain Experience from the Comfort of Your Own Screen

One of the most frustrating things about a job search is that even listings for entry-level positions require a certain amount of experience. How are you supposed to get experience if you can’t get a job? Fortunately, there are ways to gain experience, and even earn a little bit of money, using virtual tools.

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Career and Financial Advice for February 2017

Learn more about building successful relationships at work, three things to know for your job interview, how to assess yourself, and why apprenticeships may be the best bet for your career path.

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