Mid-Century Marvels

So I must admit I was late to hop on the Mad Men train. Ever the mid-mod fan, people kept telling me the show was right up my alley, yet for some reason I resisted. When I finally made the effort to watch, I instantly felt right at home. 1940s-1960s décor and fashion are my all-time favorites and the show did not disappoint when it came to its charming touches. If this time period doesn’t already have spot in your heart, it probably will by the time you’re done reading this post because I plan to explore a few of my favorite mid-century Goodwill finds!

Mid-Cen-ChairImage via Facebook.com/OKGoodwill

I’ll start with such an exciting piece that could actually be yours! Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma is opening a new store in Ardmore and this beauty is there waiting for a new home! If you’re in the area, arrive when the doors open on Friday, February 12 at 8 a.m., so you can decorate your home a la the Draper residence (Don and Megan Draper, that is). A few eye-catching pieces like this would round out an otherwise neutral room to create something exciting and lively without going over the top. If I were anywhere near the area, you’d better believe I’d be first in line!

Mid-Cen-BureauImage via ProdigalPieces.com

Now, if you love and appreciate the style of that era, but don’t want to feel like you’re living in a time capsule (that’s totally fair!), there’s always the option to update an old piece to bring it into this century. That’s exactly what Larissa, the designer behind the blog  Prodigal Pieces did when she spotted a set of Bassett furniture while browsing at her local Goodwill. She went in looking for a desk chair and left with a beautiful dresser and credenza. However, she knew they needed a face lift. The original pieces would fit right into the set of Mad Men, but the remake could easily find a spot in a more contemporary home! And all it took was a little DIY ingenuity and a fresh coat of paint. Adapting older pieces like she did allows you to pay homage to an era without feeling out-of-touch with our current reality.

Mid-Cen-DressImage via FashionOfGoodwill.org

Let’s not forget about Mid-Century fashion! The evolution of style throughout these several decades was bold, and, in my opinion, super flattering. Check out this blog post from  Goodwill Industries of Greater Washington showcasing the progression of style that the characters of the show took as each season passed. What’s your favorite look; the sleek, tailored dress that the show starts with or the bright, playful styles that sneak in by the end of the show? Have you ever scored pieces like these while thrifting?

If you’re heading out today in search of your own mid-century marvels, just remember to leave a few for me to find. When we share an appreciation of the past by purchasing vintage pieces from Goodwill, we are also helping to create a more vibrant future for our communities. With the money you spend, Goodwill gives people not only job training, but a full set of tools they need to support themselves and their families, today and in the future. You get stunning dresses and décor, your community members get the support they need! Thanks for doing your part.