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    Connect with Your Career in the New Year

    The new year is always a time to start fresh with new energy and enthusiasm, and that spirit can be a big boost to your career. If you feel disconnected at work or with your career goals, here’s some advice for you going into 2015.

    Are you disconnected FROM work?

    Being “disconnected” as a worker can mean a few different things.  For some people, it can mean being unemployed or facing other challenges that make it hard to find work. If you find yourself in that situation, contacting your local Goodwill and learning about options in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act can help you reconnect.

    Are you disconnected AT work?

    It’s possible to be disengaged from your job, too, by not feeling connected to or interested in the work that you’re doing. How can you get back on track at your workplace and with your colleagues? Here are three strategies:

    1. Work on improving your people skills. Work towards building abilities such as teamwork, communication and respect.  Improvement of these soft skills will allow you to work more effectively with others, open lines of communication and value the roles of your co-workers.
    2. Work with tools and technology. This is especially important for remote employees: Make sure you are in tune and up to date with all methods of workplace engagement. This includes taking advantage of services like e-mail, VPN access, mobile devices, video chat platforms and cloud-based solutions.
    3. Seek Professional Development. Establish a regular check-in or evaluation of your work with your direct supervisor. This feedback will enable you to remain on task, engaged with your leadership, and allow your opinions and ideas to be heard.  Furthermore, seek and take advantage of professional development opportunities offered by your company. Such a commitment is a great way to display that you welcome being a part of a company who believes in a culture of engagement. 

    While you’re working on getting more engaged at work, you can also think about the advice that we published in these earlier posts:

    You can find even more career and financial advice on GoodProspects®, from preparing for different steps on your career journey to career profiles and more.

    Dennis Nelson
    Dennis Nelson joined Goodwill Industries International as a Career Navigation Program Specialist in June 2014. He supports the GoodProspects® for Credentials to Careers initiative, which is dedicated to supporting members that are engaged in training, credentialing and employment services for nontraditional students. Dennis is considered an advocate for social change and has devoted his career to serving people through civic engagement, career advancement, and professional development.
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