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    Goodwill Industries International is committed to advancing employment, education and skill-building opportunities for individuals across the globe.

    Goodwill® currently has a presence in 12 countries outside of the United States and Canada. The international nonprofits that partner with Goodwill Industries International generate revenue to expand their missions and connect people to jobs in their local communities through training and support services.


    Goodwill Industries International partners with organizations around the world to develop and sustain a Goodwill donated goods retail model. Our partners use the revenue from their Goodwill stores towards the job training mission services that will provide the most benefit to their local communities. Goodwill works with its nonprofit partners to obtain local funding for their community-based enterprises. All of Goodwill’s international partners are independent organizations that are governed by local leadership.

    Learn more about how Goodwill is helping nonprofits around the world transform into social enterprises, and find out what impact these partners have on their communities below.


    Our partner Goodwill organizations are tackling the worldwide issue of unemployment and providing opportunities for people with disabilities and other challenges through their social enterprises. Goodwill Industries International provides technical support to these organizations and helps them maximize the benefits they can bring to their communities.

    Individuals who believe in our international work can help us build an even wider impact in several ways:

    • Reach out to our team if your organization is interested in partnering with Goodwill.
    • Contribute to Goodwill’s international growth by giving a financial gift.
    Goodwill Industries of Korea (South Korea)
    Goodwill Brasil
     Industrias de Buena Voluntad, I.A.P.  (Mexico Goodwill Industries)
    SOTEK  Foundation (Goodwill Finland)

    Goodwill Industries of Korea (GIK) provides job training and career services to people with disabilities and others who are trying to enter the workforce. Goodwill Industries of Korea was formed in 2011 to serve as the national organization for Goodwill Industries International in the Republic of Korea. It is comprised of five members throughout Korea that operate eighteen stores. The majority of store employees have disabilities, and GIK’s programs help these individuals to receive employment and training skills.



    Visit the Goodwill Korea Website

    Currently there are two partners in Brazil based in the cities of Goiania and Brasilia.

    Goiania: Obras Sociais do Centro Espírita Irmão Áureo (OSCEIA) became a Goodwill partner in 2016 in an effort to improve its existing thrift store and create an employment platform for people with disabilities. OSCEIA runs educational and experiential programs that emphasize holistic personal development, including a community internship program for youth with barriers to employment, which gives training and counseling to support participant success. In 2016, OSCEIA served more than 2,500 youth through this program.

    OSCEIA was the first international partner to use GII’s training program and Guide to Retail Operations, which has now been integrated into all Goodwill international partnerships. OSCEIA has operated a pilot store since late 2016 and plans to open a second store in late 2018.

    Website: http://www.osceia.org.br/

    Brasilia: Obras Sociais do Centro Espírita Fraternal de Jerônimo Candinho (OSJC) became a Goodwill partner in 2017. OSJC runs a school and internship program that works with opportunity youth, and seeks to operate a Goodwill social enterprise to offer more services for employment and training. OSJC is planning to open its first Goodwill store in late 2018.

    “[Goodwill] showed me that it is possible to align the head and the heart when working with social enterprise, in the search for equal opportunity and social inclusion.” – Cássia Guimarães, Project Manager at Goodwill OSJC

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeronimocandinho/

    Learn More about Goodwill Brasil

    Industrias de Buena Voluntad, I.A.P. (Goodwill Mexico) was founded in 1993 to help people with disabilities achieve economic self-sufficiency so that they can become independent, contributing members of society. Goodwill Mexico has two locations in Mexico City that serve as training facilities and retail stores. Their nine job training workshops include administrative skills, carpentry, stained glass, computer training, sewing, basket weaving, silkscreen printing, gardening and electronics repair.

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/industrias.debuenavoluntad

    SOTEK was established in 2004 and provides job training and placement services for people with disabilities and others with challenges to employment in Finland. In 2013, SOTEK visited the United States to see a Goodwill store for the first time. SOTEK was operating two thrift stores, and envisioned expanding the organization by improving their donated goods retail social enterprise to provide more workforce development and employment placement services for individuals in their community.

    After visiting a Goodwill store, SOTEK leaders decided to work with Goodwill to expand and grow their social enterprise with Goodwill’s strong brand and expertise in donated goods retail. SOTEK became a Goodwill partner organization in 2014 and launched Goodwill Suomi (Goodwill Finland). Since then, SOTEK has expanded its mission, increased operational employees by 45 percent, and connected 83 percent more people with jobs through partnerships with local employers.

    Visit the SOTEK Foundation Website
    Goodwill Industries of the West Indies (Trinidad and Tobago)
    Industrias Venezolanas de Buena Voluntad (Venezuelan Goodwill Industries)
    Goodwill Industries of the Philippines
    Goodwill Industries of Thailand

    Goodwill Industries of the West Indies was established in 1955, in Port of Spain. It has held associate member status since 1968.

    Goodwill Industries of the West Indies offers exceptional and effective services within its employment training program to people with disabilities. Its key areas of operations include work adjustment, occupational skills training, job placement and work services.

    Participants enrolled in the program are exposed to an array of specific trade courses to enhance work skills. Courses available include basic remedial education, independent living skills and work behaviors, printing, bookbinding, hair styling, food preparation, furniture refinishing and production, and textile sewing. Additionally, the organization fulfills a variety of employment contracts that allow hands-on training in a real work environment. Goodwill West Indies generates 40 percent of its revenue from its retail store. The revenue helps fund business services, along with job training for people with disabilities in the fields of culinary arts, woodworking, and hair and beauty.

    Goodwill Venezuela’s employment program provides professional services in the areas of occupational evaluation, work adjustment, vocational training and job placement for people with disabilities between the ages of 16 and 46. Work adjustment activities often include remedial academic instruction, electronics training, occupational therapeutic projects, and basic computer literacy.

    The Goodwill also coordinates social and recreational activities that include musical programs and community field trips. For job placement initiatives, preparation for interviews and job coaching is provided during an orientation period, along with a follow-up meeting after the two-week trial work period is completed. Goodwill Venezuela strives to make a strong match between its program participants and local employers, ultimately creating long-lasting relationships.

    The organization operates several businesses that provide job training opportunities and generate revenue to fund its services, including a donated goods retail store amd a small appliance repair shop. It also has a packaging contract with a local chocolate manufacturer.

    Follow Goodwill Venezuela on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/AC-Buena-Voluntad/328318034652.

    Visit the Goodwill Venezuela Website

    Goodwill Industries of the Philippines provide persons with disabilities with the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential as an individual, participate and contribute fully in all aspects of a productive life. The organization aims to enhance the quality and dignity of life for persons with disabilities through the power of work by eliminating barriers to opportunity for people with special needs, and by facilitating skill empowerment, self-help and service.

    Dr. Severino N. Luna founded the Goodwill Industries of the Philippines, Inc. (GIPI) on December 5, 1975 in Pañaque with 14 co-founders.

    Goodwill Industries of the Philippines provides rehabilitation, job training, and opportunities for personal growth that prepare persons with disabilities to become ready to enter the competitive labor market. The organization believes that work has the power to transform lives by building self-confidence, independence, creativity, trust and friendship. Everyone deserves a chance to have these, and the Goodwill provides the chance. Goodwill Industries of the Philippines also runs a retail store that helps fund the organization’s services, while providing employment opportunities and affordable goods to the community.

    While it is known principally as a charitable organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, GIPI also serves low income earners and the community as a whole. For more than 3 decades, GIPI truly lived up to its name, spreading goodwill and helping hand to persons with disabilities. From humble beginnings, Goodwill Industries of the Philippines has grown by leaps and bounds over the years to continue to be a great service to persons with disabilities (PWDs) and disadvantaged. At present, it aims to further reach out to more PWDs within its community and surrounding areas for it strongly believes that every individual should have the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of full and equal participation in society.

    Follow Goodwill Philippines on Facebook at

    Follow Goodwill Philippines on Facebook

    Goodwill Industries of Thailand was founded in 1966 with the goal of assisting persons with disabilities to earn a living for themselves and for their families.

    Goodwill Italia
    Goodwill Taiwan
    Instituto de Buena Voluntad (Goodwill Uruguay)
    Industrias de Buena Voluntad de Costa Rica (Costa Rica Goodwill Industries)

    Goodwill Italia was founded in 2000, and is the only secular organization that provides employment-related services in Italy. Goodwill Italia offers classroom-based instruction in computer literacy and other job placement services with a strong focus on education.

    Visit the Goodwill Italia Website


    Goodwill Taiwan was founded in 1981 with the goal to create new opportunities for training and employment for Goodwill participants. Goodwill Taiwan has work-training programs that focus on computer training, and serves about 300 people per year.

    The Instituto de Buena Voluntad (Goodwill Uruguay) was founded in 1925 and is the oldest active international Goodwill organization.  The organization works with people that have barriers to employment in situations of social vulnerability. Goodwill Uruguay conducts nine training programs: literacy, art therapy, carpentry, cooking and baking, communication, sewing and design, landscaping and gardening, computer training, and cosmetology. The programs aim to promote the holistic development of the people they serve. Each workshop is designed to teach a specific job skill and social skills with the goal of both professional and social inclusion.

    Visit the Goodwill Uruguay Website

    Industrias de Buena Voluntad de Costa Rica (Goodwill Costa Rica) runs a rehabilitation center in San José, providing people with disabilities opportunities to gain skills necessary to enter the workplace and become independent, contributing members of society. They are also active in pursuing improved public policy for persons with disabilities through their seat on the Costa Rican Counsel for Persons with Disabilities.

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