Three Ways to Wear a White Dress This Season

I’m Marisa Lynch and I’m the blogger behind and author of New Dress A Day: The Ultimate DIY Guide to Creating Fashion Dos from Thrift-Store Don’ts where I turn lots of not-so-hot thrifted and garage sale-d garments into fashion beauties. I’m thrilled to be a part of Goodwill’s blogging community and bring fab fashion finds your way all through the magic of Goodwill and its mission. I owe many thanks to Goodwill for allowing me a place to sift and sort through racks of color-coordinated goodies as well as for being my go-to spot to donate things that I’m just not using anymore.


Lost Your Luggage? Replace Your Suitcase Contents for Less at Goodwill®

Hey guys, its Marisa from New Dress A Day here! It’s the holiday season, so that means there’s lots of travel going on. Suitcases get packed -- as do the flights home -- and sometimes those suitcases don’t make it to the final destination! I was inspired to craft this month’s post about what to do when it’s YOU who doesn’t see your suitcase on the carousel. One of my biggest nightmares is being the last one standing in the baggage claim area, watching the rest of my flight mates head out of the airport with their luggage, and then seeing the carousel stop, wondering, “But where’s my rolling suitcase?”


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