Taking the GED? Check Out Online Study Options


“What online opportunities exist to obtain my GED diploma?”– Luanne from  Sacramento, CA


Many wonderful programs — including educational opportunities through Goodwill — exist to help adults obtain their GED diplomas and improve their job prospects.

First, a word of warning:  NO online program can give you a GED certificate in 15 days for $199, as I saw offered on the web last week.  Those “purchased” degrees are quickly identified as fake by employers and higher educational institutions.

Qualified GED programs (both online and land-based) offer assistance in preparing to take the GED exam, which must be taken in person at an accredited GED testing center.

Many GED preparation programs are internet based, which means that you can study from home at hours convenient to you.  An instructor will be assigned to you at the time of your enrollment and can be reached by phone or email at various times.  These instructors have access to records of the time you spend online, and your performance in pre and post- test study evaluations.

You will also be given an individualized study plan.  As you progress, the instructor will assign you increasingly difficult sections as skills are mastered.  When you reach an acceptable level of accomplishment, you will be asked to take an official practice test (OPT) test that determines readiness for the actual GED exam. These OPT tests must also be taken at accredited testing facilities.  When you are proficient in all subjects, you will be directed to schedule the GED exam at an accredited facility.

If you’re thinking about preparing for and taking the GED exam but are not sure where to start, consider getting in touch with your local Goodwill. Some Goodwills, like the one I work for in Kansas, are actively offering online GED preparation programs. Even if your nearest Goodwill doesn’t have an official GED program yet, experienced career and education counselors can still help you think through the steps you need to be successful.

Finally, if you’re thinking about going to college, know that many Goodwills are partnering with local community and/or technical colleges to offer graduating GED students further opportunities to obtain higher, certified skills and competitive job placement.

For more details on the GED, visit the official website on GED testing.

7 comments on “Taking the GED? Check Out Online Study Options
  1. As a classroom GED teacher, my advice to those going for their GED’s is to stick with it. The students that come into my classroom and show up every day are the ones who make it. Whether you are studying on-line or going to class, simply work on it every day and you’ll get there!

    1. My 3 siblings and I all got our GED’s. We make 50K, 56K, 63K and 70K per year. (That doesn’t include our spouses incomes either.) Don’t give up. Stay in school/college. Having a GED is not a bad thing. Just make sure to attend an accredited college afterward. Our mother died when we were all in our early teens and our dad was suffering from PTS (Vietnam). So technically we were all on our own. But with love and support either from family or friends, we did it! Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Ever!
      <3 Much love from Austin and Corpus Christi, Texas

  2. getting your GED, have any of you guys stopped to think that thats NOT tucting it now. You nave to have a HIGH schooldiplomia these days!! Not even the militaty is accepting GED’s anymore, if you dont have what it takes to finish school, wither it be by Public, private, or homeschooling, then there going to think you dont have what it takes to finish the military!!!

    1. I have my GED and I’m in a high salaried position. Some of my high school friends who have their diploma are still flipping burgers. (I’m 43) When I decided I wanted a GED was because I felt I knew more and needed to get out into the world sooner. I have about 15 college credit hours in business mgt. I am in marketing and sales now. Having a high school diploma doesn’t make YOU more intellient than I. With an IQ of 126, I’m happy with that. Maybe people should graduate and get diplomas according to their IQ’s. Hey, now theres an idea…….. Oh, and by the way, my 3 siblings and I all got our GED’s and we make 56, 63, 70K and 50K (respectively) a year.

      1. And the cost of living is pretty decent here in Austin and Corpus Christi, Texas. And that didn’t include our spouses incomes either.

    2. Not true it’s a myth. The military will always accept a GED most people don’t have time to waste on flirting with h.s. Girls or boys or learning subjects that truly will not matter in a job force environment. A GED will open the door to further education in an accredited college. And it will open the door to job opportunity. H. S. Diploma is truly over rated and many times not even worth the struggle. I am a GED student who completed my AA in business administration and went on to start at a 4 yr. college for one year dropped out due to starting a family and a business of my own. To all those young/old people who wish to start what they could not complete go for your GED and do not let anyone discourage you that it will not mean much. In the end something completed is better than Nothing completed

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