My Story: Casey Harrington

I came to Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana because Mr. Jason Jenkins told me it would be a good place to be. Mr. Jason was at the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services office and he told me to come to see Mrs. Diane at Goodwill.

I process the books and organize them on the shelves. It is my first job, and I remember that I was a little nervous, but I caught on quickly. On a Thursday, I caught on, and by that Monday, I knew what to do. I love doing the books.

They wanted to move me to wares but it was a lot and made me nervous, so I started by putting out shoes and straightening them. A couple of months ago I completed 13 gaylords over two weeks.

I most definitely like having a job. The best part about having a job is coming to work, meeting new people and coming out of my shell! I have made a lot of friends. I have been improved by working at Goodwill and being around all these people.

Outside of work, I have been able to meet more people. Before Goodwill, I would have never announced a huddle over the intercom or prayed out loud but now I am more willing to do it. I would tell people that didn’t know anything about Goodwill that it really helps improve people’s lives through the power of work and has helped me a lot.

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