My Story: Nick Vaughan

I grew up in the Bangor area and moved to Portland five years ago to attend Strive U. I graduated as valedictorian of my class. After graduation, I could not find a job. I became frustrated and thought about moving back to Bangor, away from my social life, my hobbies, my friends, and most of all, my independence.

My vocational rehabilitation counselor told me about Goodwill Industries of Northern New England and provided me with contact information. After a phone conversation with an employment counselor, I felt at ease and was excited to work with her, because when I told her I graduated from Strive U, she instantly knew what I was talking about.

My experience working with Goodwill has been a positive one. My employment counselor listened and went the extra mile for me. She worked with me on updating my résumé, submitting applications, following-up on applications, interview preparation and also attended several interviews with me.

She understands how I think, and how I process information. I interviewed for a job with Lowe’s and was offered a seasonal part-time position. I became overwhelmed and frustrated during the training period and my employment counselor encouraged me not to give up when things get hard or frustrating. She told me that I was very capable of performing all of the necessary duties of the job.

I worked to my fullest potential and chose not to give up. I grew to love my job. In fact, I applied for a permanent position and I was hired. Goodwill® challenged me to work for my goals.  I did, and I have a great job with great pay. Best of all, I have my independence!

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  1. I both commend you, and would like to tell you how proud you make me and I’m sure most anyone struggling to find that perfect fit! My daughter too works for goodwill and loves it! She was struggling as you were and found both independence and self worth through this program. I am excited to give goodwill the attention, time and thanks they and their employees deserve!!! I have never had a more positive and exciting shopping experience as I do when I walk into one of their/your stores. Thank you so much!! Continued success in all your endeavors!PS. Please thank goodwill for giving those who need it the chance to improve their lives.

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