My Story: Racheal Acklin

Acklin InlineMy name is Racheal Acklin. I have a reading learning disorder, and I suffer from depression.

My life has been met with many challenges. In summer 2008, while visiting my boyfriend in New York, I was kicked out of my home in Louisiana. I wanted to prove that I could make it on my own, so I decided not to give up and remained in New York. The following spring I graduated high school. In 2011, I earned my first associate degree and in spring 2013  I earned a second associate’s degree in graphic design.

What I did not mention was that in 2009, my boyfriend proposed to me, but things did not work out. After the relationship dissolved, I had to move out of his home. I then moved in with a co-worker/friend which became a bad abusive situation. It was a selfish, rebound relationship. This caused me fall into a deeper depression than before and only got worst until April 2014.  Even though I did not want to call my boyfriend who kicked me out years ago for help, I had to swallow my pride and ask for help so that I can move back home to Louisiana.

Since moving back, I’ve signed up with Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS) and Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana (Shreveport) to help me find a job so that I can have some sort of stability. Although I took my own steps in finding my job, Goodwill was very encouraging and willing to help me with any questions I had. My case manager/job coach Mrs. Coco has also been great. I expressed my goals and my stress and together we worked out solutions. She is a great person to talk to.

Since then I have been hired as a cashier with Kroger, purchased a car and I’m now working on obtaining my driver’s license. My plan is to further my education as an art teacher. I plan to teach young children the joys of art and how to express themselves through art.

I have learned that people have different events in their lives that should not hold them back. It takes courage and strength for people to put their foot down and say, “THIS is what is going to happen.”

I would like to express my thanks to Goodwill and Mrs. Coco for all the encouragement and helping me find my place.