My Story: Tony Murray

Tony Murrary InlineHi, my name is Tony Murray. I’ve been associated with Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana (Shreveport) for many years. When I was younger, I attended Goodwill’s Janitorial Training Program.

During that time, the instructor taught me all aspects of being a janitor, such as floor care, working with chemicals and proper cleaning techniques. He also taught me how to go on interviews, how to fill out applications, how to write a resume, conflict resolution and how to motivate other people. When I graduated from the program, I got a job as a maintenance manager with Avant Property.

In 2007, I had an accident on the job. I fell from a ladder, hit my head on the corner of a desk and suffered a traumatic brain injury. This caused me to have partial paralysis in my face, weakness and balance problems on one side, vertigo and sensitivity to heat. I also have trouble keeping my thoughts straight in my mind and have bouts of depression and anxiety.

After my accident, I was unable to work for several years. In November 2012, I felt like it was time for me to go back to work, so I came back to Goodwill to see if I could get a job. The agency hired me to be a cashier in one of the Goodwill retail stores, and a couple of months later, I was employed at the Barksdale Air Force Base Commissary as a shelf stocker.

However, in June 2013, I was hospitalized again for depression and anxiety. I was off work for several months, but came back to Goodwill again looking for a job. This time, I was given a part-time job at the Louisiana Job Services Office in Shreveport. This job is perfect for me because I can do my work without feeling the pressure of a full time position that would aggravate my depression and anxiety. I’ve been working at this job for a little over a month and I love it. It helps me stay motivated and I feel good about myself.