A Bevy of Craft Projects to Complete with Cigar Boxes

Decorating with vintage cigar boxes

Every so often, I find a beautiful cigar box poised patiently on a thrift store shelf. It’s hard to pass up, knowing that these classic boxes have so much potential! I love their unique utility and aesthetic – they work so nicely in any shabby-chic or traditionally styled home. Plus, they cost next to nothing thanks to the low prices!


Thrift store cigar boxes

I have found them to be a perfect pencil-box, a lovely jewelry box, and a discrete-yet-accessible storage place for *ahem* lady products, in the loo. Today I’ve got even more options for those who love to assemble and DIY!

Turn a cigar box into a clock

Although this project is simple, it has an eye-catching appeal.  With just a little time, a clock kit (available at most craft stores), a drill, and a cigar box, you can make this desktop clock. The best part? It doubles as storage seeing that you can still stash things inside! Simply follow the instructions on the clock kit to put this beauty together!

Cigar box hold

I’m getting married this September (woo!), so I’ve been thinking a lot about gifts for our attendants. A gift set like this seemed right up our alley, and a cigar box felt perfect for presentation. Of course, contents for a gift box like this can vary depending on the person it is being given to, but my original thought was to include a hankie, bow tie, some small notebooks and a flask.  Adjust this as you see fit and it could work for Father’s Day, Christmas or a birthday, too!

Cigar box storage

Now here’s a fun one! To make an iPhone dock from a cigar box you’ll need a pencil, a box cutter, and of course a cigar box, iPhone and charging cable. Remember to be very careful when using sharp tools. This project could be dangerous if you aren’t patient. First, you’ll need to trace the shape of the bottom of your phone on the lid of the box. Second, cut just outside that tracing, remembering to be super careful. I found that puncturing all the way around my lines, making a perforation, then pushing in with my finger worked best. If you have a jigsaw you could try using that instead of a box cutter, but I can’t guarantee results. The third step is to trace the phone end of your charging cord on the back of the box, and, finally, cut this out, too.

Cigar box DIY Craft Tutorial

Stick your charging cord in through the back of the box and plug it into your phone which should fit snugly, standing up, in the lid. Save the little piece of wood that you cut out of the back, and use it to hold open the lid when you’re playing music; it amplifies the sound coming out of the speakers on your phone! There you have it, some new uses for old cigar boxes. You’ve just exercised your creativity and helped improve the world! Goodwill cares about community and the planet, so every dollar you spend with them is invested in a future benefit to all!

Happy upcycling!

xx, Julia