Blooms and Bridal: Thrifted Spring Wedding Shower Inspiration from a Trip to Goodwill®

Felicia Czochanski Bisaro

Love is in the air this spring. After we turned back the clocks, the countdown began for warm weather wedding season. There’s no better way to celebrate the bride in your life than with a whimsical wedding shower, complete with a radiant spring aesthetic. The more you brainstorm DIY ways to make the shower special, the more your Pinterest board fills with beautiful blossoms, pastel hues and splashes of unique flavor that’s personal to the bride.

Luckily, in spring, you don’t have to break the bank to achieve this aesthetic — weddings are expensive enough. Shopping second-hand can be the economical answer that also adds a bit of whimsy to this special day.

Thrifted Spring Wedding 1

Bridal Shower Décor

When I had my bridal shower — almost a year ago — I was blown away by the incredible thoughtfulness that went into the décor to create a special aesthetic. While my shower had a theme (books), it is more than enough to lean into spring as the main aesthetic. Head to Goodwill to find special items for guest table centerpieces — like quirky vases and beautiful crystal candlestick holders like the ones below that I found at a local Goodwill in New York City.

Thrifted Spring Wedding 2

Your Bridal Shower Outfit

With so much stress going into wedding planning, it can be hard to find the “perfect” outfit to wear to your wedding events. If you’d rather spend your budget on things for the big day, consider heading to Goodwill to check out what they have in store that could work for a spring bridal shower look.

When it comes to one-time wear occasions — if we’re being honest, once the picture goes on the Instagram feed, some people won’t wear the outfit again. I like to thrift my looks when I can. Not only is it a way to find a special look for a fraction of the price, but it’s also a way to support your local community since Goodwill uses funds from each purchase to provide free job opportunities and training. To me, shopping at Goodwill contributes to good karma that just keeps on giving.

Thrifted Spring Wedding 3

This weekend, I stopped by Goodwill in Manhattan’s Chelsea District and found the perfect spring bridal shower look that I paired with cute ‘something blue’ strappy heels. I styled it and left it hanging up. Hopefully, it’s now waiting for the right bride-to-be to come in and find it. The sweetheart dress with floral eyelet detailing has such a classic look that you can dress it up or down. The heels were the perfect shade of bridal blue.

As an alternative, or to switch into when dancing at your wedding afterparty, I found these perfect white lace and ruffle flats.

With this look, you can imagine the sweetest backyard bridal shower, complete with gorgeous spring florals and white taper candles in glass candlestick holders. It’s amazing how you can gather so much inspiration from a quick trip to your local Goodwill.

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