Color Trends: Great Finds in Blue

Would you judge me if I said that I was so inspired by the bold, rich color of Goodwill’s logo that I’ve decided to actively seek it out for clothing and home décor? No? Great! On with the blog post…

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It all started when I was browsing around in Goodwill San Francisco’s DIY Home pinboard and I clapped eyes on this beautiful kitchen island. I realized immediately where I had seen that deep hue before and I simply fell in love. There’s so much inspiration to be found in this pinboard, but I especially adore this combination of a thrifted dresser, a paper towel holder, some hooks, and kitchen utensils. Maybe add a butcher-block on top and with a fresh coat of (royal blue) paint, you’ve got yourself a fresh and affordable new kitchen island. And look at those big drawers! They’d be perfect for storing the pots and pans that always overwhelm my kitchen cabinets.

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What other aspects of home décor could pull off this vivid color? A statement wall, perhaps? Would you believe that the mod-esque display above was created by Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth from thrifted placemats? This effectively adds texture to the room and is still simple to install. It’s also inexpensive yet very eye-catching. The whole dorm room was redecorated with donated items for one deserving college student at Texas Wesleyan University. How generous!

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As I continued to browse the internet, my obsession with the color continued. I quickly realized that this beautiful blue would transfer well to attire, too! That’s when I found the stunning dress above. Would you believe that it was once a thrifted graduation gown? Crazy, right? Jillian cleverly refashioned this gown and posted it on her blog, Refashionista. What a difference a little snipping and stitching can make. Well done, Jillian!

If we’ve learned anything here today, it’s that items purchased from Goodwill can serve a bevy of purposes other than those for which they were intended. A dresser can be deemed a kitchen island, placemats can pass as a statement wall, and a graduation gown can graduate into a gorgeous dress. Possibly the best tip one can ever receive before entering a Goodwill store is to think outside of the box! The next best tip would be to come with a bag of donations to drop off, because your donation is the beginning of job creation. What could be better than a new addition to your home or closet while you also help your neighbors?