Customize Your Thrifting Experience

One of the things I love most about shopping at Goodwill® is the way it encourages me to think outside of the box. I always try to keep an open mind about the items that grace Goodwill’s aisles, and it looks like I’m not alone! Today I’ve got a great collection of refashions from others who, like me, try not to feel limited by the intended purpose or look of an item.

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I’ve always been a fan of the unbounded potential that sheets have. That’s right – bed sheets. In the past I’ve made them into pillows, bow ties, wall décor, and more, but somehow it slipped my mind to turn them into curtains! Curtains can be incredibly expensive when bought brand-new since they use up so much fabric, and yet sheets thrifted from Goodwill may be as inexpensive as $1! Blogger mama Morgan of The Family Chapters decorated her new baby’s nursery with many second-hand finds, including sheets from Goodwill that she snipped and stitched to create custom curtains. I love it!

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Customization is always a good time, am I right? What’s better than taking something that’s kind of nice and turning it into something that’s perfect for you? Swing by your local Goodwill to see what clothing items catch your eye, then bring it on home and peruse this list of 20 Thrift Store Refashions that Maker Mama put together for Goodwill Industries of San Antonio (TX). With the instructions linked from there, you can do everything from creating your own graphic tee to making the perfect peplum dress! What’s your favorite DIY on the list?

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Okay, so maybe you’re a seasoned crafter and you’ve already attempted or seen many of these aforementioned projects. Well, I’m pretty sure you haven’t considered this one: painting alteration. Think outside of the box by adding your own doodles or details to a readymade art piece like this one shared on the Missouri Goodwill Industries (Saint Louis) blog. I mean, who doesn’t need a fresh water cephalopod up on their wall? The possibilities are endless. You could update any piece you like to make it a more personalized expression of your tastes and I’m certain it would be the ideal conversation starter when guests come to visit.

Now that we’ve gotten our creative juices flowing by looking at other peoples’ projects, see what treasures you can find while you’re out thrifting. Don’t forget to consider many different uses for the things you find or to start with a need in mind and think outside of the box when considering a solution! With a little ingenuity and the added benefit of helping Goodwill to create thousands of jobs and millions in revenues that fund job training programs across the United States and Canada, I know you’ll come up with some really unique and beneficial creations. Have fun!